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  1. Hello, I am looking for something like h3consumption, like marcello7, which would work with mainline kernel (4.14.37) for my Orange Pi Zero. In fact, I would just need to switch off Ethernet and disable GPU/HDMI to have a less idle consumption. Has anyone done it and can explain me how to do? Thank you
  2. Thank you for your answer! You're totally right, auto pilot is not a so great idea (at least at this stage of the project), and a lot of things regarding security should be considered. It can become really dangerous if it is not under our control and something goes wrong. The problem with onboard wifis is that there is often no way to put the adapter in "Monitor mode" and they don't support "packet injection" which is mandatory for wifi pentesting Instead, I think I will use an Alfa 1000/2000mW adapter, it should be able to scan and penetrate wifis further away and supports it! BananaPi M2 Zero was also on my list, but because of its poor support (no Armbian and the lack of information about its power consumption) I removed it... Also, I haven't found any A64 board with a small form factor, but this would be a good alternative, sure! And the PocketBeagle is the same as the BeagleBone Black right? The main issue, like the RPi Zero is its single core cpu, I have to make tests but I think a quad core cpu will perform much better for what we want to do!
  3. The drone we will be using is a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, which comes with WiFi, I agree that 2.4GHz flight control systems are much better! I think we will try to make the drone land and take off automatically to increase flight time (if we have spare time) Don't you think we could stop the network penetration (or put it to sleep) while we control the drone? We already have some BeagleBones Black laying around, but I have no idea how well it would suit for our situation! I also thought, why not using a stripped down RPi 3B/B+, with disabled HDMI/Ethernet? It would be powerful enough and a bit lighter :
  4. Do you know where I could order these NanoPi boards in Europe? And I don't know well Amlogic chips, do you know how well they are supported? They look a bit more expensive, and the boards you listed have a similar form-factor than the RPi B models (I have found the Odroid C0 which might be smaller and lighter).
  5. Hello! Firstly, I would like to thank the Armbian devs for their awesome work, without it a lot of my boards would have such a poor support... I am currently doing a school project which involves embedded pentesting, using a drone. I am looking for: the cheapest (we have a limited budget) the most powerful (to use some tools such as password cracking) the most energy efficient (it will running on powerbank/batteries) the lightest and the smallest (to be embedded in a drone) it has to have full size USB ports/OTG/headers (to connect an external powerful WiFi adapter) and if possible, has to have WiFi embedded (we might control the drone (which is controlled by WiFi) using the board later), maybe bluetooth and have serial connection (to connect an XBee module (or other?) for long range communication) I thought about using a RPi Zero W, but its single core CPU made me re-think my decision... Then I thought about H2+/H3/H5 boards and I have chosen the Orange Pi Zero/Zero Plus/Zero Plus 2 and the NanoPi NEO Air/Duo, some even have onboard storage. A video output is not required at all, it will even be disabled because it will operate headless (and same thing for Ethernet and audio). In your opinion, what would be the best choice? Do you know other boards? And since I am in Europe, do you know a reseller here to get the boards quickly? Thank you very much!