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  1. Armbian for Amlogic S912

    I understand. Take all the time you need. I can wait. I really appreciate your help with this problem. Have a good day.
  2. Armbian for Amlogic S912

    @Balbes150 I've been following you for a long time on this forum and I was wondering if you could make me a custom image of Armbian? I am using a Khadas VIM2 Max and need a version of Debian Stretch & LibreELEC (if necessary) to be able to use it. It will be used as a headless controller/server. As you know, it's 64-bit and uses S912, etc. I'm not sure which kernel is needed. I also need to use a 4K UHD 3840x2160 display. Would it be possible to modify the configuration from the CLI when running it? Would I have access to framebuffers? This is a requirement. Could I have access to direct control of the GPU? This is an option. The last part of this request is that it must be put on a USB flash drive. The Molex socket for the microSD card will not lock the card in ( and I have tested several different microSD cards with the same result). I also haven't been able to install u-boot, so could you make the VIM2 Max default to boot from the flash drive if it is plugged in and default to the Android boot if it isn't plugged in? I appreciate anything you can do to help me. Thanks.