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  1. Tried the newest build for the K2. You guys are awesome. It has not locked up once and i can install it on usb media. Thank you so much for the hard work.
  2. will do, i like to live on the edge so i ran 7.5 into the barrel and the lights just flash. no harm to the board. i have used a y cable for the mcro usb but the barrel worked better of course. i would have to scope it and im too lazy but if you need the data ill get it to you..
  3. i have a 6 volt adapter into the barrel jack and with your revision things seem to be running very well. thanks for thanking the time out for the help. i will try to keep you updated of wierd happenings. i am listening to youtube from a (Creative Xfi) and it sounds wonderful
  4. i used the new release and its running like a "swiss car" j/k it is so much more smooth and stable. can we use the install to usb drive or is that still a no go?
  5. thanks i will give it a shot tonight.
  6. Allcon, my pik2 constantly locks up. i havent been able to find anything that causes. going to cut this short before it locks up http://ix.io/1e4Q i have tried SD cards from san disk pny verbatim lexar: no change i have tried different power supplies. the barrel jack under vairous voltages: many different power supplies i cannot find any consistancy.
  7. not sure what you said just now but i did discover a problem totally unrelated i was missing d4 sod303. turns out zener diodes are important.
  8. I am new so please forgive me. I had been trying different images on my friendly arm pi k2 and now suddenly i have no hdmi out. i can ssh in but i cant get the display out to work anymore. is this a hardware issue or is there someway to determine if its a software issue? Thanks
  9. will there be a distro for this unit? i am using the ubuntu mate provided from the manufacturer but it doesnt take advantage of the gpu. I am getting hooked on armbian and want it on all my devices.
  10. i tried changing the mbr to gpt and installing and i received the same error. reboot to flashing cursor.
  11. Tried 5.38 again using etcher as opposed to win32disk imager. Still received the cant read message but on reboot it went to a black flashing cursor. should I be enabling some special permissions before I run armbian-config or is there anything I can do before reboot to fix the boot.ini
  12. all, 5.35 will not boot just black screen no cursor. 5.37 finishes with an error prior to reboot didn't get a chance to write it down 5.38 finishes install errors out: "cant read /boot/boot.ini no such file or directory" then it updates the with a reboot prompt. I can exit out to the prompt and still have access to the system but once it reboots the screen is blank.
  13. thanks for the response. i have tried various power micro usb cords and power supplies. to rule out the power supply i also have used the barrel jack with the same results. i will try one of those images. if i still have issues i will try hooking up a scope and see what kind of ripple i'm getting.
  14. I have been trying to install armbian and run from usb flash. every time i can get through the installer (it usually freezes at 2 3 or 4 percent when it does make it all the way it hangs on reboot. i have tried different usb drives even a cf card. also i read the instructions on which image to use but i am lost as to which one is which. i understand the small images are the headless but the desktop versions i am not sure of the differences. here is a list of the available images. i don't understand the differences in the versions. archive2018-04-05 14:013.9 GB nightly2018-01-28 16:29609 B Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_next_desktop.7z.torrent2018-04-05 15:1841 KB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z.torrent2018-04-05 15:1732 KB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z.torrent2018-04-05 15:1741 KB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_default.7z.torrent2018-04-05 15:1733 KB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z2018-04-05 13:57522.1 MB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_default.7z2018-04-05 13:36211.4 MB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_next_desktop.7z2018-04-05 13:27528.1 MB Nanopik-s_Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z2018-04-05 13:00204.9 MB Ubuntu_xenial_next_desktop.7z.torrent2018-01-30 04:0329 KB Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z.torrent2018-01-30 04:0345 KB Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z.torrent2018-01-30 04:0330 KB Ubuntu_xenial_default.7z.torrent2018-01-30 04:0343 KB Debian_jessie_default.7z.torrent2018-01-30 04:0340 KB Ubuntu_xenial_next_desktop.7z2018-01-28 16:35561.0 MB Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z2017-12-12 09:05243.0 MB Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z2017-11-25 04:11589.5 MB Ubuntu_xenial_default.7z2017-11-25 04:05234.5 MB Debian_jessie_default.7z2017-11-25 04:00208.9 MB