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  1. Check out your board hw revision with schematics on fa wiki page. Bad luck if you have no dc-dc U7 ic.
  2. From my VERY humble expirience with nanopi M1 + cam500 from friendlyARM uname -a = Linux nanopim1 3.4.112-sun8i #8 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jul 22 13:36:16 EEST 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux 1.move R6 to R5 on cam500 pcb (so making VDDIO 3v, not 1.8V) 2. enable for a while twi2 and check addr 0x3c with i2ctool (in my case works only with VDDIO=3V) 3. edit in script vip_dev0_mname gc2035->ov5640 4. modprobe ov5640, modprobe vfe_v4l2 ... and something like fswebcam -p YUV420P 111.jpg it seems it works! (somehow
  3. The circuit was just like as in Orangepi-mini-v1_0_schematic.pdf, VMIC->MIC-MBIAS, MICM->MIC1N, MICIN1->MIC1P (look at the picture from post #2).
  4. Generally no pre-amp is needed for mic, schematic is the same as for orangepimini (NOT orangepipc!). Check the alsamixer settings also. In my case OPIONE mic works well.
  5. Hi! here is Opi1 armbianmonitor -d output for some ext. hdds: