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  1. UPDATE: cluster is working, but i need install mpich2 and some thiings and program it. I had a problem with static ips now and i thinkin of better energy source.
  2. Hi, I want to build cluster with ubuntu for my bioinformatics calculations and maybe for webserver. I didn't do anything like that earlier, so I want you all to be kind xD Here is what i have: > 5x orange pi one plus (every opi with heatsinks) > NAS expansion (for disk minissd or HDD) > tp-link switch with 8 ports (tp-link tl-sf1008d, im afraid it will be to slow for this, but i can change it later) > AC DC Power Adapter 5V / 10A Charger Transformer ( for Opi's) - with splitter > 2 port usb charger for NAS and switch (cause of i cant find power supply