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  1. One workaround I found for my monitor is to just switch the OPi on, let it get past booting and then switch the monitor on afterwards. Then the image is displayed properly. This is a super-crude solution but if nothing else works, I guess I'll just do that to avoid the issue. Maybe you can try the same with your TV, assuming it's really the same issue?
  2. Hi, Good people of Armbian-land! First of all, thank you all for the awesome work you've been putting into Armbian. I recently purchased an Orange Pi PC, for which I'd like to use the Ubuntu desktop image, since I need the HW acceleration features. I tried using Mainline briefly but after confirming that the performance is just not there without the Mali drivers (as suggested by the description, so no surprise there), it seems Legacy is my only viable option. Which would be fine, but the monitor I'd like to use with my setup doesn't work with legacy (it works fine in Mainline). Also a sidenote: I connected the monitor using an HDMI-VGA converter. I set the resolution after the initial setup via h3disp via SSH to a compatible resolution with the monitor, but if it is plugged in as the system boots, the whole screen just turns red instead of displaying the correct image. However, if I plug the monitor in AFTER the system booted, the screen is displayed correctly, according to the resolution I set up in h3disp. This leads me to believe that somehow the EDID that this monitor sends overrides my manual settings during boot and the (probably) unsupported settings cause the red image. When using another - lower end and older - monitor with the same setup, including the HDMI-VGA converter, that one works fine. But I'd like to use the other one for my application, since the other one is higher-end. In summary: can EDID indeed cause this issue in legacy? And more importantly: if so, is it possible to make the OPi ignore all EDID info coming from the monitor and just hard-force the resolution set in h3disp, regardless of what the monitor sends? Thanks in advance.