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  1. Orange Pi PC Looks like 1c1d400.usb is not recognizing it as input, that is the only difference i can find in dmesg on from mainline kernel. Is there a way to tell 1c1d400.usb that its input device or its not present on legacy at all?
  2. Hello, i have Waveshare 10.1 lcd and trying to get USB touch working. On mainline it is working out of the box, but on legacy its not working at all. With dmesg i can see that the device is recognized and hid-multitouch is using it, i can even see the device is working through xxd -c 11 /dev/hidraw3 but the touch doesnt work in the system. Does anyone have working solution to this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, did anyone manage to get Teamviewer host working on Orange Pi PC (H3) and Armbian? It installs ok, i can start the program but i cannot login to my account and when i set permanent password it shows No Connection and i cannot see the ID. Thanks!