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  1. Hi @all, I currently try to build a door-opener with a NanoPi Neo and a MFRC522 Rfid-Module. Unfortunately I don't get the SPI working. I loaded the newest Armbian-Debian from the Website: uname -r = 4.14.18-sunxi and downloaded the SPI-library for NanoPi: By using armbian-config I activated "pwm", "sei-add-cs1", "spi-jedec-nor" and "spi-spidev". The problem: If I try to activate SPI with gpio load spi I get the following error-message: modprobe: FATAL: Module spi-sun7i not found in directory /lib/modules/4.14.18-sunxi gpio: Unable to load spi-sun7i So it seems that wiringNp doesn't use "spi-dev" but "spi-sun7i" and I tried to install it from source from: Unfortunately I can't find out how to write the Makefile so that I can compile the .ko-file and install the driver. Can you help me writing the Makefile or have another idea how I could solve the problem? Thanks in advance and greetings, Latze