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  1. Hello, I'm buliding a music player for my old car using Orange Pi PC Plus. I would like to use external incoming logic levels (3.3V / 0V) to wake up the OPi from suspend state. Could you help me how to do that? Waking up using the HW button SW4 is working perfectly. I need to do this using external logic signal connected to PA11 / GPIO pin #5. I tried the following setting in fex editor: [gpio_power_key] key_used = 1 key_io = port:PA11<6><default><default><0> It doesn't work. I keep the pin on HIGH (3.3V) normally, and when I bring it to LOW state, OPi won't wake up. I tried also changing the second parameter 6 to 0, as input function. No success. Of course I have disabled the TWI0 interface in the fex editor, so pins PA12 and PA11 are available. I tried to read pin PA11 state as input using a Python code and it reads properly ON and OFF states. But the wake up function doesn't work. Could anyone give me any suggestion what shall I try to make it work?
  2. Hello, I would like to ask your help with the following problem. I'm able to put my Orange Pi PC Plus to suspend state using this command: echo -n mem>/sys/power/state When I wake it up using the SW4 pushbutton it resumes operation properly. I would like to automatically execute my script every time the system resumes from suspend state. I found two different methods, I've spent several hours trying them and non of them seems to be working with Orange Pi PC Plus. First method: using /lib/systemd/system-sleep Second method: using /etc/pm/sleep.d It seems my system does not execute the scripts configured in none of the above folders after resume. Is there a special solution to do this? Could you give me any suggestion what else shall I try? Linux orangepipcplus 3.4.113-sun8i
  3. OK, after some research I managed to find and configure a USB video grabber for my OrangePi PC Plus. I'm building a audio center for my car using OrangePi. And I decided to install a cheap reversing camera from ebay in my car, which supplies composite analog video output. I want to display the reversing cam stream on also on my OPi audio center display, so I needed an analog video grabber. I have ordered exactly this one from ebay: EasyCap DC60 USB Video Capture Card Adapter with ChipSet UTV 007 for Win 7 8 10 It's very important to let it have UTV 007 chipset surely, attention, there are many copies with different chipsets. What I read other chipsets won't work. I installed the driver from this link: usbtv After driver installation, you should see something like this: # lsusb Bus 003 Device 005: ID 1b71:3002 Fushicai USBTV007 Video Grabber [EasyCAP] And check if the device could be used as a capture device: # v4l2-ctl --all Driver Info (not using libv4l2): Driver name : usbtv Card type : usbtv Bus info : usb-sunxi-ehci-1.6 Driver version: 3.4.113 Capabilities : 0x05000001 Video Capture Read/Write Streaming Priority: 2 Video input : 0 (Composite: ok) Video Standard = 0x0000f900 PAL-M/60 NTSC-M/M-JP/443/M-KR Format Video Capture: Width/Height : 720/480 Pixel Format : 'YUYV' Field : Interlaced Bytes per Line : 1440 Size Image : 691200 Colorspace : SMPTE 170M Transfer Function : Default YCbCr Encoding : Default Quantization : Default This seems very good. After that using mplayer I can see the captured video stream perfectly on my HDMI display with 800x480 resolution. You need to supply the proper options for mplayer. I wanted to see the stream on the framebuffer, since I don't use X window. This command works for me: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:norm=PAL-M:width=720:height=480:outfmt=yuy2:device=/dev/video0:input=0 -vf flip -vf expand=800:480:40:0 -vo fbdev:/dev/fb0 Change the video filter -vf options (flip, expand) according to your display resolution and needs (if needed at all). The stream is playing perfectly, without any single frame dropped. There is one important thing. Always connect the USB grabber to the OrangePi using a USB hub! The device is taking 330 mA which is too much for the OPi, without USB hub the OPi USB supply voltage drops down to 4.3 V. I'm planning to order and try this cable also: Delock Cable USB 3.0 type A male + USB type A male > USB 3.0 type A female, I hope with this one I can just supply an external 5V DC power to the dongle, without using a hub.
  4. Hi All, I have some issues with my ES9023 DAC and my OrangePi PC Plus. I bought the same DAC as shown in the very first post of this topic. I followed all the steps explained here for the configuration. Eventually I had everything set up, I was supposed to hear sound from the DAC, but there was only a white noise. I tried also giving external +5V DC supply to the DAC, it didn't help. Then once suddenly it started to working, I could play audio through the DAC, but the next time it was again noise only. After spending many hours and hours investigating finally I understood what's happening. After power up the system, to be able to hear audio from the DAC I have to switch the DAC +5 V supply ON and OFF many times. Most of the times after powering it on, there is only noise. But after 10..20 power ON/OFF cycles (depending my luck) suddenly it switches on without any noise, and in this case it is working perfectly until the next power off. Is this a normal operation of this kind of DAC? Did anyone experienced similar problems? Is there a solution to overcome this issue and make it working straight after the first power on? Or may be my DAC defected? Shall I try to buy a new one? I ordered mine from this link: DAC Sabre ES9023 Analog I2S 24 Bit 192 KHz Decoder Board For Raspberry Pi
  5. I have an Orange Pi PC Plus and I'm looking for a USB video grabber. Could you suggest me some models which are easy to setup and work with OPi reliably?
  6. Dear All, I'm new to OrangePi, I've just bought my first device. Using the information above I successfully made my Adafruit 2232 5 inch non-touch HDMI display working perfectly with my Orange Pi PC Plus! Many thanks, it's a really useful topic.
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