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  1. As I told on another topic, yesterday I installed Armbian 5.90 buster 4.19.57 on my OrangePi One. Now, when it boots, all the output text goes to the bottom line of the screen, with each line overwritting the previous one (no scroll). Then it asks for username, and when I type it it asks for password, overwritting the username I typed. And it probably displays the wellcome banner, but I just see the last line of the banner. Once logged, I have to type "clear" and then I can use the full screen, and it scrolls. That happens on the console, if I st
  2. After some months not using my OrangePi One, yesterday I installed Armbian 5.90 buster 4.19.57 (previously I had a stretch release). I did a clean install, downloading the image and burning the microSD with it. I noticed the button now works for 1st time since I bought the OrangePi One. It shuts down the device, no need to install or configure nothing. But, previous Armbian versions I had, were able to set the machine CPU speed at 1.2 and 1.1 GHz. Now (with Armbian 5.90) the maximum is 1 GHz. On previous releases, the file /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/sc
  3. But at least evtest worked for you, that's better than nothing :) Have you upgraded Armbian since then? (your message is one year old). And does evtest still work for you?
  4. The same problem with my Orange Pi One button, but I can't solve it. Installed ACPID and create an event/action file in /etc/acpi/events, but the button doesn't trigger any event. acpi_listen never displays any event when I press the button. And neither does the aforementioned utility "evtest /dev/input/event0", last line of text ever displayed is "Testing ... (interrupt to exit)". I thought the button was not properly soldered to the board, but I tested with multimeter the 2 pins (*) on the back side of the board and it changes from infinite to 0 ohms when I press t
  5. I have an Orange Pi One, with Armbian installed. *sometimes* when I log in it displays: "Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.18-sunxi" Then some system statistics and a line with the CPU temperature, for example: "CPU temp: 58ºC" I can also get the current temperature with armbianmonitor -m or reading a file called "temp" in a directory under /etc/system (I don't remember the full path now). If I log in again, I see again the temperature in the welcome message, running armbianmonitor or reading the aforementioned file.