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  1. Hello. My friend and I are comparing performance results with our cubietruck's. I'm using Armbian (Trusty vanilla latest update) and he's using ArmArchLinux. We tested a few dozen phoronix-test-suite tests and most results are the same except one. We both have a fresh OS install with no extras installed. The problem is with the phoronix-test-suite ramspeed integer copy test, I'm getting 812.03MB/s but he's getting 1479.73MB/s. Other ramspeed tests are giving proportionally equal results. What can explain such difference? Is my RAM running slower?
  2. I started to look at @Igor suggestion (http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/611-wip-axp209-mainline-sysfs-interface/) and it would certainly be simpler and more portable than I2C commands... However, I discovered a discrepancy between the battery percentage calculated in the script above (@luca219's) and the percentage reported by /etc/update-motd.d/30-sysinfo (which uses @Igor's suggestions). That puzzle me and I'm not sure which one is right...
  3. Ok, reboot is now working... I should have thought of that sooner... Fixed the problem by using /sbin/reboot in the script. Looks like cron did not setup the path to sbin.
  4. Good morning, I'm using the latest vanilla kernel. I tested @luca219 script and it's not working... 1. The email is sent properly but the poweroff does not work. I initially thought the system was rebooting quickly but it's not the case. The script is ran by root's crontab so it should be able to poweroff. I edited the script to send a 2nd email after the poweroff and both emails are sent so the script has not crashed and the poweroff came back to the script. 2. Ignoring the poweroff issue for now, I went on and continued to another test... If I drain the battery to under 20%, the script sends an email every 10 minutes as per the cron; if I reconnect the power supply, I still get an email every 10 minutes until battery reaches 20%. But the problem is the script would trigger a poweroff when the system would reboot when the power comes back. In other words, the script needs to check if running on battery or power; if running on power, the script should not poweroff. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm using ARMBIAN Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS 4.4.3-sunxi on a Cubietruck board with a battery connected. How do I setup the system to safely suspend, shutdown or hibernate when the battery power is low? Thank you very much.