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  1. Thanks, I'll check that The things are going on, I found the solution about keyboard not working in iPXE here (for those who are interested ). And all is well in the world (almost ) My "project" for this OrangePi Win is to have multiple systems (Armbian/Debian, CentOs, Arch, and perhaps others and also to acquire some knowledge in Linux ), and those (their rootfs) will be stored in my server, and the pi will simply (and it's not that simple) fetch them via nfs. Every rootfs will be separated by différents nfs shares. The thing is about the kernel, every distro uses different version, and some (CentOs ?) are using (4.x) kernels that are not so "compatible" with A64, the idea is to build a mainline kernel (actually 5.5.0) (with it's own initrd/initramfs ?) that every distro will use, the kernel and it's initramfs are loaded by iPXE (and that works fine) After some tries (I tried Debian and CentOs), there are the results : - Debian kernel with it's initrd (loaded by iPXE, without nfs rootfs) : it launches sort of an installer, where I can choose language, keyboard "language", it configures the internet, both USB and Ethernet works, but after that it complains about kernel modules (no rootfs ?) -CentOS kernel with it's initrd (loaded by iPXE, without nfs rootfs) : it starts but then after 40 seconds loading, it sticks at "Reached target Basic system", then after a few minutes, complains about /dev/root (normal I think), goes to emergency mode, but then, I'm totally unable to write something, keyboard does not work, Ethernet led are blinking but I think there is no working connection -CentOS kernel with it's initrd (loaded by iPXE, with nfs rootfs) : same thing than before but does not complain about /dev/root, as before, it goes to emergency mode, and as before, neither the keyboard or the Ethernet works I'm a bit confused about the mainline kernel, I'm able to build it with my computer, but I can't build the initramfs (not the same architecture), and I don't know then how to install the mainline kernel with all the distro Thanks
  2. I'm not so familiar on how to push changes to a git repo where I have no write access :/ I just made a fork, and put the changes in my fork, i don't know how to submit the changes so that everyone using the original repo will have access to the changes In the other hand, I perhaps figured out why iPXE is "freezing", I'll try after work and I will let you know
  3. I (partially ?) solved the USB issue, it's now working in u-boot, the four USB ports are working, keyboard works (i can stop autoboot and write everything i want), and when usb key is connected, it's recognized as storage device, so it's all good ! These are the changes I made to orangepi_win_defconfig, just added these two lines : CONFIG_USB0_ID_DET="PH9" CONFIG_USB1_VBUS_PIN="PD7" I now have a problem with iPXE, it loads the menu (on my server), but i can't choose any of the options on the menu (don't know if it's iPXE related, (u-boot / efi) bug/misconfig, i'll try with a rpi pi 3), but i think that it is not armbian related at all, i'll stop bother you with any non-armbian stuff
  4. Thanks, i tried but it does not work. No key recognized, tried Num Lock and Caps Lock, no sign of the activation on their indicator, just like if it was not connected to the PI. I also tried to put an usb key (which has a led) and every time I put the key on the Pi, the key blinks once (but it's a really fast blink) and then does not give any sign of life, it's so fast that I think there is no communication between the Pi and the key, perhaps just some mW going from the port to the key and that's all. Also weird thing, when usb is starting, it says scanning bus usb@1c1a000 for devices ... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1a400 for devices ... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1b000 for devices ... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1b400 for devices ... 1 USB Device(s) found even if nothing is connected to the USB ports of the PI and nothing changes if I connect a keyboard/ a mouse/ a key... and just behind it always says "scanning usb for storage devices ... 0 storage Device(s) found" whatever the usb key is connected or not. Thanks
  5. Ethernet was not working in u-boot (i want to boot to something like iPXE, and network is required at this stage), and with an other sd card (where armbian is installed, i have no problem with Ethernet once armbian is fully booted (but it does work only after passing u-boot). Thanks jernej, it solved the Ethernet problem :D , but now, trying to boot iPXE, it goes to it and asks me to press Ctrl-B for the Cmd line (which is normal behaviour), but keyboard isn't working, i tried the four usb ports, but none is giving any source of life at this stage, ideas ? Thank you very much for your help :)
  6. Hi everyone, I want to have a diskless Orange Pi Win, i'm trying to get the Ethernet to work in u-boot, but it does not seem to connect at all with my router when booting, no blinking led at all (none on the Pi neither on the router), I tried différents cables, ports, searched on the web, found some "patches" on DTS file on the web for pine64... But nothing seems to work (but Ethernet works correctly when the Pi is booted on Linux). Any Idea ? Many thanks,