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  1. I would have liked to know if it was possible to generate an image like this "bionic-minimal-rockpro64-0.7.9-1067-armhf.img.xz" that Ayufan created, but keeping the armbian monopartition ? What should be changed in Armbian build script? Thank you Jyu
  2. No problem Tony. I'm just trying to solve the problem to help but for the moment I'm blocking
  3. Tony you managed to fix the problem of audio by hdmi? I made the modofication in raw before the compilation but it seems that I miss codecs
  4. I am doing a build with the modification for the hdmi and I add more support for the controller (GreenAsia etc ..) because I am carrying a port of Retropie on ArmbianOS. So if in the release you do, if you could integrate more support for the controllers it would be great and transparent for the rest of the other users. I am carrying under Stretch and without a desk don't forgot this one https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10297391/
  5. I tested Armbian Debian Stretch with the 4.14.34-rockchip kernel and for the moment the audio source of the HDMI is not displayed via aplay-l. I think the patch is not yet active on this release
  6. Yes the linux demons ^^. I'll have a question off topic Tony. You already know if HDMI audio support will arrive soon for the mainline?
  7. I can confirm that with the last modification I made, everything works fine even after several reboots and I do not lose the link with my Xbox One S controller
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