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  1. generating this while copying files over Ethernet (Netatalk) to internal SATA with displayed write speed of only 500 kBps.
  2. Always running latest Armbian Buster: Since some months multiple machines with totally different application sets get slow writing to ANY mounted volume after one or more weeks of uptime (the busier the earlier). According to top IOWAIT exceeds user/kernel cpu usage. All applications and networking incl. disk reads run without any problem, until they write to the disk which makes them crawl. Even cp on a small file hangs. Any hint?
  3. Finally solved this issue. The first thermal zone tripping point is at 70C with a hysteresis of 10. One would expect to kick a throttle in at 70C and lift the throttle at 60C. However throttling occurs at 60C. So I adapted a script found elsewhere and raised the first two tripping points. echo 'setting cpu temperature limits ...' i=0 while [ $i -lt 4 ]; do sudo bash -c "echo \"85000\">/sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone""$i""/trip_point_0_temp" sudo bash -c "echo \"95000\">/sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone""$i""/trip_point_1_temp" i=$[$i+1] done
  4. With regard to CPU speed: problem is still there, others have discussed this as well and point to the device tree in the 4.19 kernel
  5. Thanks for excellent support, the install made the systems nearly identical. Then I already had linux-u-boot-odroidxu4-next/buster,now 5.90 armhf installed, so everything looks fine. Autumn is coming, so it may take some time for the temp throttle to show up again, if it still exists.
  6. Getting nearer. Seems it is the current hc1.dtb that throttles down from about 60 degrees. Earlier releases or no dtb allowed 80, correct? Possible to configure?
  7. upgraded stretch to buster upgraded jessie to stretch to buster There was an execution error at line 813
  8. Updated several HC1 to Buster. Reapplied the optimized board config, as done under stretch before. Main issue: No matter what CPU governor I set, max. frequency jumps around automagically between 1.8 GHz and 2.0 GHz. I can set performance governor to the range from 1.9 to 2.0 GHz, armbian-config confirms, and when I back out of the menu it says "soc runs between 1800 and 1800 MHz using performance governor". Even at > 90% CPU boards stay below 2.0 GHz. Minor glitches only for boards, I already upgraded from jessie to stretch: - boot.ini misses the hc1.dtb check
  9. After upgrading to buster (great!!) and installing desktop on my HC1, the standard procedure of starting a VNC server and using Real VNC viewer from a Mac ran into errors. I tried the following alternative solutions to get to the desktop - xrdp and Microsoft Remote Desktop (Mac) - tigervnc-scraping-server and Real VNC Viewer (Mac) --> No support for clipboard transfer, keyboard support awful and incomplete (missing # and | and so on) x11vnc with Real VNC Viewer (Mac) solved both issues, except keyboard autorepeat. So I strongly suggest adding x11vnc pr
  10. I just upgraded to armbian-config 5.44 and it does not yet show system -> DTB on my HC1s. Some unmet dependencies? As I understand 4.14 kernel is not stable yet with stretch. if so it is clear why it is not in the repos. See Igors post. To upgrade to stretch, install jessie, optionally upgrade firmware and kernel with armbian-config, make changes to apt files as in OP and do apt update && dist-upgrade.
  11. Thanks Igor, This is one of the greatest boards I read. So many tips right to the point. I am running Java 9 and 10 on top of that and they don´t give a sh*t when receiving ARM-related bug reports, no matter how well documented.
  12. I have some HC1 running since last year. Before going into production I did SATA install, NEXT kernel, firmware and stretch update (I need that) and all updates offered through apt since then. I have read about newer armbian releases that my machines do not load and further HC1 optimization which I can´t find in my armbian-config. I wonder whether my setup will receive proper updates. It would be quite a hassle to reinstall. Now I have: Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.9.61-odroidxu4 Linux HC1 4.9.61-odroidxu4 #2 SMP PREEMPT Wed No