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  1. ok, adding them all to rc.local did the trick. I still need some help understanding eth0 Peter
  2. After reading all 20 pages of this post I am still quite confused by the networking. What I would like is the following basic setup...perhaps someone can help me get started with this, I opted to use systemd config files, I have the appropriate services disabled/enabled wan: static ip lan0/lan1: these should run as switch ports and offer dhcp to clients in 192.168.2.x eth0: I am assuming this is really just way to get the to OS via the lan side, but I'm not 100% sure. What I have tried: [Network] - set static address of [Network] - set static address of 10-eth/lan0/lan1: [Network] Bridge=br0 This then requires ifconfig wan up before the port comes up. But then pinging anything from the serial console results in Destination Host Unreachable, cable is plugged into the jack closest to the USB3 port. Both lights are lit up.