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  1. Well, I have bad news. After 17 months, I had to reinstall because of sdcard corruption . I reflashed Armbian_5.90_Cubietruck_Debian_buster_next_4.19.57 So, installed version of linux-u-boot-cubietruck-next still doesnt work with VGA and version 5.35 is not in repositories anymore. I dont know what to do either. I'll keep using my cubie as a headless server but Its a shame, VGA output was an important factor why I bought cubietruck in the first place. Now my old VGA monitor became pretty useless.
  2. Well, yes ... I found this after I've tried a few things on my own. "You can do this by adding saveenv command at the end of boot script (boot.cmd)". I did this! I wrote "saveenv" as a last line of boot.cmd, didnt work. I tried different resolutions with edid=0 and 1 for each. I've compiled boot.cmd and rebooted twice for each to be sure... Nope. Somewhere in progress I've noticed I do make a (common, I guess) mistake by using "=" instead of <space> between videomode and sunxi:... Repeated above all over again :/ Nothing. Even I've tried replacing u-boot with some custom builds from random bloggers. None of them worked of course. Then I had to read several pages about what is u-boot and how it works and I discovered u-boot console, finally.
  3. ( after a few dozens of trials and errors) replying my own question for future reference : All changes at armbianEnv.txt and boot.cmd was not enough. I needed to enter u-boot console at startup and write those: setenv video-mode sunxi:1360x768-24@60,monitor=vga,edid=1 saveenv reset then it worked.
  4. I've noticed this thread after that I've tried downgrading u-boot as written here but unfortunately my cubietruck still outputs to HDMI no matter whatever I tried :/ What else I need to do ? Could you give me a correct configuration for this please?
  5. Hi, my old 1366x768 VGA LCD monitor was working with legacy kernel but after I downloaded and installed image with new kernel ( Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z) I could not get it to work with VGA output. When I set armbianEnv.txt with below, it still outputs to HDMI disp_mode=1366x768p60 video_mode=sunxi:1366x768-24@60,monitor=vga,hdp=0,edid=1 then I tried to add this with no luck. Both monitors go blank with it. extraagrs=disp.screen0_output_type=4 Is VGA supported with new kernel? If so, how ?