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  1. RTL8821CU is upstreamed in Linux 6.2. Armbian uses an out-of-tree driver for it. Chromium on X11 is very laggy since it's not accelerated. Your best bet is to use the official Ubuntu server images and run Chromium snap on weston.
  2. Need to see your actual overlay. But I would test the overlay first by just disabling serial and then using gpioset to test those GPIOs first. Then worry about bitbang I2C driver. Not familiar with Armbian's dt overlay system myself.
  3. The hardware video encoder is not supported in anything but Android or the buildroot BSP. It's a very simplistic hardware encoder so it will probably not get upstream support.
  4. Da Xue

    I2c Woes

    Armbian's I2C overlay probably doesn't have the proper biasing https://github.com/libre-computer-project/libretech-wiring-tool/blob/master/libre-computer/aml-s905x-cc/dt/i2c-b.dts You can either re-hack the overlay or use our images along with the libretech-wiring-tool.
  5. Da Xue

    Boot issue

    You have to check the logs. It could be a number of things.
  6. Any specific links to the code?
  7. @Martin Harris Go online and look for Debian VNC instructions. Raspbian is 99% Debian now with Bullseye so regular Linux instructions will work just fine.
  8. Patriot and MicroCenter cards are using cheap internal controllers and flash to hit cost low cost. Stick with Tier 1 like SanDisk and Samsung. Even Kington uses crappy flash in some products.
  9. I don't think Armbian currently supports the SPI. People might be working on this but in the meantime, you can use the official images for SPI: http://distro.libre.computer/ci/ https://github.com/libre-computer-project/libretech-wiring-tool
  10. you have to add an systemd service to launch on tty when you hit multiuser.target
  11. Da Xue

    camera driver

    uvc cameras can be used with guvcviewer and mjpegstreamer
  12. Just for other people's reference, you need to set alsamixer configs properly.
  13. So the issue is in the dwmac u-boot driver. Leaving it on in u-boot and it will corrupt memory somewhere between 1GB and 2GB. Disabling dwmac fixes it but you also have to add phy initialization code to Linux driver.
  14. We are working with Amlogic and BayLibre to get to the root of the ethernet issues on mainline for Amlogic chips. We should have a resolution soon. One was caused by double poking a register in Designware's IP. There's a secondary issue we are looking into.
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