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  1. Thank you, I've connected one RAID 0 HDD case that I had before, and one standard HDD, and it worked. ;-)
  2. Kernel is Mainline 4.14.40. Yes, external HDD is attached all the time, I haven't disconnect it at all. It just doesn't give any signal at bootup (no signs of spinning up) or power LED working on HDD case.
  3. Dear all, I have a problem related to my freshly installed Armbian 5.44 on Odroid C2. Everything is working fine except my external HDD is not recognized anymore. On v5.33 all was working fine. Disc is 500 GB, ext4 formatted. I'm using original power supply from Odroid C2 and haven't got power issues so far. Here is output of armbianmonitor -u : Thanks in advance! ;-)