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  1. Hi, i have tx3-mini model, success with initial setup but i can't get into desktop, i've setup dtb file to tx3-mini but still no success get into desktop. Sent from my SM-C9000 using Tapatalk
  2. Is your problem with tx3-mini (Type A) solved yet? coz I have the same model here
  3. For all. Kernel 4.16 does not support internal eMMC memory. Do not attempt to install to the eMMC. You get problems.
  4. TX3 Pro amlogic s905x 1gb ram 8gb emmc, what is the correct dtb files for this model, is there anyone who have the same model? and success install armbian on it?
  5. Hi @balbes150, do you have any plan to make LUBUNTU distribution on amlogic s905x ?, I hope you will make it, it lightweight and it's good distribution, thank you. @balbes150
  6. Sorry for my bad english , I mean if I want to to reimage this distribution with already configured for my need, how can I do that ? I hope you understand what I'm ask, many thanks.
  7. can you explain how to remastering this linux?