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  1. Hey @talraash thanks, glad to hear the dtb.img from your original firmware is no longer needed! makes it easier. I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to make a TWRP flashable version of AML_autoscript, to activate multiboot from recovery. @TRS-80 thanks for your kind words and motivation :)
  2. To avoid off-topic discussion, suggested by @balbes150, i started this thread in hope that someone wants to get involved contributing to Armbian!?! I want to make an Android app that can: Extract your DTB.img. Burn Armbian distro to USB/SD card. (no PC required!) - it will require root OR custom recovery. Targets: AMlogic first, Rockchip after, Maybe more (MTK)? The app will use: 'EtchDroid' (open source - F-Droid) to burn the .img's to USB/SD card. 'Amlogic DTB tool' (open source - GitHub) for DTB extraction. What i need: HELP!!! i cannot do it alone! i will need ATLEAST some guidance/tips/help from you beautiful geeks! the app will be open-source. I'm currently stuck trying to figure out: How i can flash the via TWRP instead of the stock 'Upgrade" app on our boxes.
  3. Thank you @balbes150 for the quick reply AND the great work you do. So... basically adding wifi is pretty much a no then :'( Shame, i have no ethernet as its a s912 stick, not box. I will have to buy a USB to ethernet cable then. One more thing: I really like this project and would like to, in a small way, contribute. Idea: I successfully burned my USB via an android app called 'EtchDroid' (open source - F-Droid). This had me thinking, i want to make a native android Armbian tool, no PC needed, it will: Extract DTB IMG from the device. Burn the distro IMG to USB/SD card, like EtchDroid. It will work via a terminal app (whilst booted) and also available as a Magisk/TWRP flashable ZIP too, so it can be also be used via recovery (in case bricked/boot-looping) I have found on GitHub an Amlogic DTB tool. I have the AML_autoscript & So... I am currently trying to work out how to apply the via recovery/magisk and not the stock 'Update' apps we have on our boxes. Question: Do you have any ideas for this?? Where/what does the change and how does it do it? THANK YOU SO MUCH BALBES150 YOUR TIME, EFFORT & EXPERTISE IS REALLY APPRECIATED!!! I really think Armbian will be more accessible to the masses if it was in an app like i am trying to make here, it can be on F-Droid, PlayStore, APKmirror etc so it reaches a larger audience. And also takes care of the only 'trial-and-error' part of this whole process, finding the right DTB IMG. Making it COMPLETELY noob-friendly and available to those without PC's just like the popular 'nix-on-droid' apps are, apart from this is native Linux, and not just proot/chroot. What'cha think???
  4. Hi guys, been a whole week now i have waited for a reply ^^ I dont expect to be answered right away but over a week now and others are being answered before me?!? I dont need my hand to be held, just need some general steps i need to take please OR point me to some documentation and i will do it all myself. PLEASE! ANYONE?!?? So, again.... Thank you for the distro, only problem is wifi doesnt work, could ANYONE please tell me roughly what i need to do next to get wifi (i have my devices wifi & bluetooth drivers) how do i add them???? Been a whole week since i got Armbian now, and i am still unable to use it as i cannot download anything. I cannot find any documentation here, Github, MXQ project or Freaktab on 'adding drivers'. (if there is none, perhaps that should be added. I dont mind contributing by writing it up myself as i NEED the info anyway as i will be doing it on my device). Until someone helps me, i cannot use Armbian, so please any help is truly appreciated, thanks.
  5. First up... THANK YOU SO MUCH! to you @balbes150 I bought the original H1 variant 'H96 Pro Stick' (an Amlogic S912 in stick form!) as soon as it came out direct from GearBest on a special deal for £35! The original Android 7.1.2 firmware was bad, but SuperCeleron over at FreakTab made a decent 'full-android' and 'android-TV' OS that i have tweaked myself. That was it for development on my board, and that almost 3 years ago now. I had once, way back then tried this before, and after trying 10ish random dtb.img's for S9xx i would get past login, but it would always get this repeated text across the screen that would stay there and i never did get to the desktop. I am now typing from an 11 year old 32-bit Intel Atom NetBook with 1GB ram! :'( It is my 'PC' ...and honestly... i can do more from my 64-bit OnePlus 5T in Termux (Arch/Debian/Ubuntu proot) than this old thing. I know the S912 is good for Linux in multi-core benchmarking... so all this time later... i tried again.... And with the newer documentation you have now... it was alot easier than last time! and it worked... first time too! FINALLY I get to try out Armbian!!!! So thank you very much for your work all these years, it is appreciated! The rom i got was Ubuntu and it runs fast! no long wait times for apps to open up! a much needed 64-bit PC i have needed all this time!! Just one question please (or anyone else out there reading this essay!) As the case with alot of devices... wifi & bluetooth is not working. I found a website from a guy who used my H1 H96 stick and he forked your 4.9 kernel sometime back & modified it for crypto-mining purposes, so it has alot of documentation. On his GitHub it has my wifi & bluetooth drivers. How do i add them into this rom????? ONCE AGAIN... A MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!