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  1. the fact of the matter is that to collect u-boot will scripts. I'm not gonna see the whole kitchen. I'll just get a ready u-boot on the way out. I need to figure out what and how. at least understand why not start. you can't just leave without figuring out what was going on. it is difficult for me to explain through an interpreter. you probably don't understand what I want. I just need to understand why a u-boot built this way doesn't start the kernel. I just want to understand why. what's missing is my u-boot working.
  2. thanks for answering.... but I would like to build u-boot from source. I need this to understand. I just want to collect and write it to an sd card where Armbian already exists. please tell me why it does not start? what did I miss in the Assembly? if you don't want to talk about it,tell me who to ask. in what forum can I get an answer? Russian-speaking forums do not understand
  3. Hello! I've been trying to do this for a long time. I have orange pi wan+ and operating system Symbian_5.75_orangepiwin_Debian. also have collected from source u-boot-2019 downloaded from the official site. I want to install u-boot-2019 c Armbian_5.75_orangepiwin_Debian. but the core doesn't start. Please help to understand. all the forums say I don't know why. uname -a Linux pc 4.19.20-sunx64#5.75 SPL FEB 8 aarch64 CNU/Linux pwd /usr/local/bin gcc -v gcc-8.2.0 tar xjvf u-boot-2019.04.tar.bz2 cd u-boot2019/ make orangepi_win_defconfig make -j4 dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1024 seek=8 uart u-boot spl 2019.o4 dram:2948 mib Truing to boot frome mmc1 please give a hint to the kernel started
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    guys thanks I hope that I can
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    downloads u-boot from official site. I do a compilation on the documentation and at the end an error occurs. I'm trying to optimize the code. nothing comes out. where to turn, who can exactly answer my questions?