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  1. So thought I would update, Went and bought a new SD Card, Sansung 16GB Evo, No more issues, not sure why the other cards have issues as they work in the C1 and RPi fine. So end of the day the OrangePi PC is a little more picky on what card you use. Thanks for the help
  2. Yes, I have had the device up for 5+ hours with multiple reboots, Issue only occurs on a power off. EDIT: So last try, 1. Image Card 2. Boot OPi PC 3. Wait 10 mins 4. Log in 5. Run first run wizard 6. Wait 10 mins 7. Reboot 8. Login, all works wait 10 mins 9. Reboot 10. Login, all works wait 10 mins 11. shutdown -h now 12. Turn on and card is corrupt I have tried today: sandisk black, 2GB speed 4 sandisk black, 8GB speed 8 I will buy and try a different brand later on
  3. As per the title, I am using the 5.05 Jessie Server image on a OrangePi PC. Every time I shut it down (shutdown -h now) when I power it back up I get errors reading the SD card and it wont boot. I have tried 3 cards, all with the same issue, I can reboot the device with issue and a fsck is clean after every reboot. I do not have a linux machine to scan the card after a power off, so can't check it after it fails. Does anyone have any ideas?