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  1. @nightseas My interest so far was only headless. You can try to build a Desktop target and see what works :-)
  2. Was in dire need of Armbian on my new toy, the HBP with a iMX8Q CPU ;-) The board features dual WWAN (PCIe + M.2) sockets for highspeed 3G/4G/5G modems with a SIM socket. The Debian build from SolidRun did not have any modem drivers enabled in the kernel so there was headache. Wipped up this WIP configuration and it builds and runs with: ``` $ ./ BOARD=hummingboardpulse-imx8q BRANCH=legacy RELEASE=buster BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no ``` NOTE: It uses the HDMI and LPDDR4 binary blobs from NXP. You will get a prompt during build to ac
  3. @balbes150 Just build Armbian from your repo, used the aw-h6-tv config and flashed SD. Booted Eachlink H6 Mini and it seems to be working pretty good. Wired network works and I used the console uart mod from here. Made it crash by installing some apt packages. Ooops here:
  4. If you're building 5.4.y, try tag:v5.4.6 instead. I couldn't get latest master to boot properly on this board.
  5. Not sure this a bug, but the following patch made my EMMC revert back to MMC High Speed (26MHz) after failing @ MMC High Speed (52MHz). diff --git a/drivers/mmc/mmc.c b/drivers/mmc/mmc.c index f683b52e..2e01c75f 100644 --- a/drivers/mmc/mmc.c +++ b/drivers/mmc/mmc.c @@ -2139,11 +2143,14 @@ static int mmc_select_mode_and_width(struct mmc *mmc, uint card_caps) if (!err) return 0; error: + pr_debug("error: %d\n", err); mmc_set_signal_voltage(mmc, old_voltage); /* if an error occured, revert to a safer bus mode */ mmc_switch(mmc, EXT_CSD_CMD_SET_NORMAL, EXT_CSD_
  6. @Panzerknacker What make/model EMMC you got? I have the 128GB which was delivered with the board. It's wierd the EMMC works in Linux but U-Boot SPL has issues. Wondering if there's patch somewhere... Edit: Many hours later... Dug deep into the MMC code in UBoot and it seems there is a bug.. My EMMC will not negotiate success the advertised supported speed/mode (mmc: widths [8, 4, 1] modes [MMC legacy, MMC High Speed (26MHz), SD High Speed (50MHz), MMC High Speed (52MHz), MMC DDR52 (52MHz)] ). UBoot should revert back to the "safer" speed here: mmc.c#L2146, but it seems
  7. Gave the latest UBoot tag a spin, but it looks much the same: U-Boot TPL 2020.01-rc5-armbian (Jan 03 2020 - 03:07:34) Channel 0: LPDDR4, 50MHz BW=32 Col=10 Bk=8 CS0 Row=15 CS1 Row=15 CS=2 Die BW=16 Size=2048MB Channel 1: LPDDR4, 50MHz BW=32 Col=10 Bk=8 CS0 Row=15 CS1 Row=15 CS=2 Die BW=16 Size=2048MB 256B stride 256B stride lpddr4_set_rate: change freq to 400000000 mhz 0, 1 lpddr4_set_rate: change freq to 800000000 mhz 1, 0 Trying to boot from BOOTROM Returning to boot ROM... U-Boot SPL 2020.01-rc5-armbian (Jan 03 2020 - 03:07:34 +0100) Trying to boot from MMC2 unable to select a mode mmc
  8. Just freshly minted a Armbian build for this board. It boots just fine from SD card, but when I nand-sata-install to EMMC and power cycle. I'm greeted with this: U-Boot TPL 2019.10-armbian (Dec 28 2019 - 02:48:10) Trying to boot from BOOTROM Returning to boot ROM... U-Boot SPL 2019.10-armbian (Dec 28 2019 - 02:48:10 +0100) Trying to boot from MMC2 unable to select a mode mmc_load_image_raw_sector: mmc block read error Trying to boot from MMC2 mmc_load_image_raw_sector: mmc block read error Trying to boot from MMC1 mmc_load_image_raw_sector: mmc block read error SPL: failed to boot from al
  9. Yes. This exactly what I wanted to achieve, no blobs. But I got the impression while glancing over the U-Boot commits, that ATF was not needed for the TPL+SPL combo. I was wrong 🤣 Thanks for clearing this up 👍
  10. Huge thanks for this! I have one of these boxes just collecting dust. Will it boot an Armbian minted SD or do you need Pheonixcard tricks?
  11. I was trying to get "Option 3: Package the image with TPL" pure U-Boot working without ATF. But it would not boot properly. BTW, why do we need ATF? I'm probably missing something important ☺️
  12. A huge kudos to @piter75 who commited a csc for this board 👍😍 Did not have the time or energy get my efforts to bear fruit. Was probably to focused on getting the U-Boot TPL+SPL combo working. Maybe this board finally gets the love it so desperately needs. Once again. Thank you for Armbian and all the work everyone puts in!
  13. Ran sbc-bench (thanks @tkaiser). RockPI4B: ROC-RK3399-PC: Have only glanced over the results, but the Renegade Elite seems on par with the RockPI4B. Still want to get 5.3.x to run properly and get the TPL from U-Boot v2019.10-x working before commiting a wip. Hoping to get some time this weekend.
  14. So, finally got 5.3.0-rc4 (ayufan) to boot into console. Funny thing. Board would power off once this line was printed: Tried three different USB-C PD supplies. My trusty Dell XPS13, the power supply that came with the board and last I tried a complety new Plexgear USB-C PD 60W supply. All three was the same, once userspace was reached, it powered off. So had to solder a jumper so I could feed 12V directly to the DC_12V header. And hey presto I boots and is very much alive :-) ____ ___ ____ ____ _ ____________ ___ ___ ____ ____ | _ \ / _ \ / ___| | _ \|
  15. So, spent an insane amount of time on this board last week Could only get so far as an booting example. Tried many combinations of dts and versions of U-Boot (2019.01, 2019.04, mainline and Ayufan). Tried merging some of the kernel dts into Ayufan 5.2.0-1116 but could not get it to boot. My endeavours are compilation ready over here: For anyone unable to build but wants to take it for a spin, there's a freshly minted build here:!7loDAITK!kwm-mJ-95QcXbP_I8hJSYdSkT2vPqeBsLbSticJGsJY The working combo is: $ touch .ig