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  1. Dear colleagues! I think many of us are trying to use SBC boards with Armbian as server, control units etc. How do you handle instant power OFF, due to power loss, for example. I am thinking about small UPS development, it will contain battery for 30 seconds of Orange Pi Pc+ operation and set Orange Pi I/O as signal for correct shutdown. But is it actually needed? I keep switching my Orange power OFF from AC adapter instead of shutting down for 1 year and still no problem there.
  2. Hi! I previously did Armbian boot and operation from EMMC of Orange Pi, all went OK. Now I have Banana Pi M1+ , download Armbian. After command nand-sata-install I can get only this choice: where is no "boot from eMMC — system on eMMC" What could be wrong? thanks! Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.85 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.38-sunxi System load: 1.33 0.87 0.35 Up time: 2 min Memory usage: 17 % of 995MB IP: CPU temp: 53°C Usage of /: 9% of 15G
  3. Dear sirs! Please, help with your HDMI experience. I have a project with a plenty of small linux boards which must be connected to the cheap displays. I’d like to use these: This display works via HDMI with Raspberry but refuse to works with Orange Pi PC plus. As I can understand it is same issue described by tkaiser. But this display has a casing and power adapter. It is very importand as I can receive ready device. But I can choose another linux board. My only demand from linux board is eMMC memory. Can you advice small linux board which can work (as raspberry pi) with all these "HDMI" displays but having eMMC memory onboard? Thanks!
  4. Hi to all! I am using Orange PC Plus and wanted to connect small display to it. I wanted to have display as ready device : in casing, with power etc. So I bought this one Aliexpress link It has HDMI, VGA and A/V input and for 35-45 USD only. Resolution (described) - 1024*600/800*480 Works with Raspberry Pi3 OK! But I need linux board with built-in eMMC memory. So I bought Orange PC plus. But it does not cooperate with this display in any modes, avaliable in h3disp (including 800*480). Also it doesnt work via my HDMI to VGA converter and A/V input is not compatible too. May be somebody have some experience in cooperation with these cheap China monitors - it can be very useful solution if will work with Orange Pi etc. Because it is ready device with casing, buttons etc. I think about buy Banana Pi too, but afraid that can face same problem. thanks for your opinions!