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  1. for the c1 - it requires uImage to boot... it doesn't like wrappers I guess you can compile it from the kernel source directory"make uImage". I had to enable cec as it seems the odroidc_defconfig is broken by default without it edit boot.ini from z to u this got my c1 booting
  2. Wow terrific progress. I have been playing with the c2 also, exciting to see how fast things are moving for the c2. possibly off topic now- here is uart output from non booting c1 image QA5:A;SVN:B72;POC:17F;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:41;USB:3;SERIAL:4;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:41;USB:3;SERIAL:4; unable to fetch bootloader? quite possibly my sd card is bad...
  3. please forgive my ignorance can I simply modify an existing board in your to point to the kernel & uboot source for the c1? or is this to much of headache
  4. That would be amazing. I use it exclusively on my cubie's and banana's.
  5. Is it possible to bring this wonderful os to the odroid c1?