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  1. First question is solved. There was a conflic (i think so) with NetworkManager, it was not managing eth0. I had configure eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces with a static ip. After installation of Pi Hole, say to use that ip beacuse it needs an static ip, when i do that everything becomes unstable. Whe reboot de opi, it get static ip, if loose the ethernet link, it get dhcp ip (wtf???). solved editing /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and change managed=false by managed=true After a reboot, go to "armbian-config" and configure static ip in network. After that, edit /etc/network/interfaces and change the content by: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # Network is managed by Network manager auto eth0 auto lo iface lo inet loopback After the next restart everything works correctly again, even disconnecting / connecting the network cable. Now my question is what happens with the change of card between the versions of Opi with armbian strech. There may be a problem with MACs, are there incompatibility problems between v.12 and v1.3? Thanks. Sorry for my english....
  2. Sorry, I was disconnected for a day. Here is the log: http://sprunge.us/63L1hT Finally y did a fresh install of Armbian Strech, configuring all the servers again. I have two OpiPC, one v1.2 and the other v1.3. I did the installation over v1.3, becuse the other is the one I use as server and is in an enclosure with difficult access. Once everything was configured and tested, I changed the microSD card to the OPiPC v 1.2. What is my surprise, that in the same operating conditions, in v1.2 loses the network connection within a few seconds of starting. If I reconnect the network cable, it has a connection for a few seconds and loses it again. Finally I have definitively changed the v1.3 for the v1.2, working for now without apparent problems. You can see "armbianmonitor -u" here: http://ix.io/1nVD Could it be that the network card has been damaged? I think not, if I use an image in opipc v1.2 that worked well with armbian jessie, there are no network problems. you can take a look at: http://sprunge.us/DyusNf Can it be a problem because of the MAC change? Thank you
  3. I've been testing Pi Hole for a few days on an Orange Pi PC with ARMBIAN jessie, connected to the network by the ethernet port. Pi Hole which is the last thing I installed. A few years ago I have OPi PC as UPnP server, VPN, DHCP, print, samba, transmission, jdownloader, BtSync, and something else that now I do not fall (curiously I did not have it as a server dns), without problems of operation since I am using Since I installed Pi Hole, if the ethernet connection loses link for a moment, for example because the router reboots, the connection stays fried, it is not able to lift when the link returns. This if I turn over the image prior to installing Pi Hole, it does not happen, at the moment I reinstall it it happens again, so I'm pretty clear that it's a pi hole problem. Anyone else has happened? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.
  4. Hi I have an Orange Pi PC running "ARMBIAN Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i". Can I update to Armbian Strech kernel 4.14 directly without lose of data and configurations? How can I do it? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Igor, I'll take a look.
  6. Hi. I have an OPI PC with armbian jessie server. Is it there any way to automatic sleep usb hdd when it is a certain time idle?. Same disks in a RPI/RPI2 with raspbian goes to sleep after a period of inactivity.