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  1. Hey Jerryn I tried to build the panfrost following the instructions on the freedesktop.org but given up after a couple hours of trying to get all the build dependencies working. panfrost requires libs that are a bit newer than what is shipped with armbian, so apt all the devel package won't work. Would be interesting to find out what kind of distribution the panfrost people are using, surely they have a script to clone dependency trees automatically. Just an unrelated observation, the panfrost people seems to prefer chromebooks over dev boards
  2. https://rosenzweig.io/blog/a-panfrostian-october.html The dev machine they used seems to be a rk3399 based chromebook. Looks like they will get a working panfrost after all!
  3. On Firefly-rk3399, if the internal emmc contains firefly's linux image, the board will only boot from SD card if the SD card contains android or "linux with android style /boot". Therefore, to force the board to boot from Armbian SD (contains normal linux /boot) you should wipe your internal emmc by running: sudo blkdiscard /dev/mmcblk1 as pointed out by hjc months ago. if you want to install Armbian to emmc, you could run armbian-config (untested)
  4. Agree completely, EE board form factor should be compatible with Mini ITX. 96board have some very "creative" board layouts, the hikey960 for example, its NVMe slot is orientated outward, more than doubling the board footprint with SSD installed.
  5. Don't get too excited about the BMC, the board itself do not have one, you need their daughter board on the M2 slot to act as an out of band management controller (no idea how much that would cost), the 4G modem is routed to the M2 daughter board. So if you spent the money you could have out of band management over cellular network. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UYcmhbKyP4 around the 7min mark.
  6. Thanks for the github link, I should try it. I don't have any UEFI specific use case, just want to tinker.
  7. It seems I’ve got one of the last case . Bit of dent, but cost me almost nothing. CPU temperature holding at 45C w/ room temperature of 20C when doing light browsing. BTW, can we enable the WIP image build on dl.armbian.com? Thanks.
  8. Hey I've seen some reports that the on board XOR flash will be flashed with GUI enabled uEFI firmware, is this true?
  9. I would say you should wait a few months for support for these chips to mature.
  10. Hey hjc, the board booted with 4.4.132 kernel after I cleared the internal eMMC as per your instruction. Thank you very much.
  11. Hey hjc, the kernel I used is the 4.4.132, which seems strange to me too. What is the status of your internal eMMC? I have the official firefly ubuntu flashed on my eMMC, could it be the problem? Would "dd if=/dev/zero" the eMMC force the board to boot from sd card? I just noticed that my board have a stiker saying the version of the board is "Firefly RK-3399R" what is your board version? Hey tkaiser, this is unfortunate, I guess my option for this internal M.2 slot is basically some kind of sata adaptor board.
  12. Hey ballsystemlord. I have this board too, I'm running the board with the firefly barrel adaptor no problem. I'm running Firefly's latest ubuntu build from eMMC. I can power one 2.5 inch spining hard drive (with a usb adaptor board) from the USB 3.0 port no problem. system is stable enough to run Xypron's debian build script (which need an aarch64 machine). I don't have any eDP LCD screen so can't comment on that. Problems I have encountered so far, seems mostly due to poor software support from firefly: 1. SSD attached to the internal M.2 slot doesn't show up in ubuntu. 2. If I run shutdown -p now, the board will just reboot itself, I need to pull power cable to shut it down for real 3. Firefly's ubuntu follows the andriod way, /boot is empty so you can't update the kernel with normal apt-get upgrade command 4. Limited OS selection, I've tried Mara's slackware build, Xypron's debian build script and hjc's armbian build script, nothing seems to boot. So you will be stuck with a year old 4.4.77 kernel for the time being. 5. Xserver will crush when ever an user application (chromium, MPV etc...) try to invoke libmali, so you got to apt remove it to make the system stable. Hope it helps
  13. It seems OP overclocked his firefly RK3399 to 2.2GHz! Very nice! Have you tried the offical aluminium case for your firefly? There is a internal aluminium "piller" the push against the CPU so the entire case acts as a large heat sink. https://shop.t-firefly.com/goods.php?id=62
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