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  1. Very good!! it is working for me as well
  2. If I run these commands, I get error that modules are in did you do it?
  3. In the detailed steps you can find link to android store for the app...for a video check this out:snapvpn example Basically you use the box as wifi ap and all devices connected to it can use the vpn gateway in trasparente way thus a smarttv over wifi
  4. Hi this is the project I am working on that explains why a PPTP is more than enough (when the vpn server on orange pi is available) for the purpose: snapvpn
  5. Interesting tro know...why the hell it is burning like that?!?!
  6. Yes I is already planned to switch over to a modern vpn protocol...but for my project right now doesn't really matter. Anyway the box will be completely isolated from the internal network and also guests won't see each other.
  7. AlterX


  8. I think I found something interesting: low consumption how to change the fex: change fex settings
  9. Yeah...I will check what I can do with armbian-config...thanks Not only raspberry...armbian as well on banana pi!
  10. Good to know it...I will then create a second generation Anything about disabling GPU, on board wifi and something else?
  11. Thank you for your reply...this could be a way to disable it, although I prefer to do it in the config.txt if it is possible...anything about disabling the GPU? I want to switch all those off not really for consumption but to reduce the overall heating of the board
  12. Hello guys, soon I will receive this nice toy (512MB) and I want to be prepared for my project: a domestic vpn server (using pptp) serving 1 o 2 guests at most. For this project I just need the RJ45 socket thus I would like to switch off as much as possible (e.g. GPU, on board wifi and others if there). Someone can point me to some resources or list what I can do to accomplish this? P.S. I know that pptp is not as secure as IPSec (and maybe IPSec is heavier for such device) but for the purpose of my project it is enough. Thanks a lot Gianni
  13. I have checked already the other scripts but they are really different from what I have...I have seen many example, who is using the single = who == anyway I tried all also has the first line #!/bin/bash that I have just skipped. The strange thing is that not even the first line of code is executed, only when I restart NetworkManager! Thanks for the reply Gianni
  14. Hi all, I am trying to have a script running when eth0 i s up, but it seems that I don't get it. Although I followed a guide and set anything, NM is not triggering my script. So I have created my script without sh extension and called it 90-start-script in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d: logger -s "I DON'T SEE THIS" if [ "$1" == "eth0" ]; then case "$2" in up) ~/scripts/ ;; esac fi; I gave it root ownership, execution flag, but it seems to be not working... I followed this guide: I am running armbian 5.60 (strech) Thanks