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  1. Thanks for the correction. I don't remember where I read that it was CESA. An untrustworthy source certainly. safeexecel is already compiled as a module. I will then try to make it works with my espresso ;)
  2. Hello, First, thanks for your time in creating and managing armbian :) It will be great if cryptsetup work "out of the box" (without rebuilding your own kernel) (at least in devel ;)). At the present time, I can't mount any encrypted partition because some options are missing in the kernel. I think the kernel option "CONFIG_CRYPTO_USER_API_SKCIPHER" is needed. The module dm_mod.ko is also needed but I can't find which option(s) creates it (it's the device mapper module). It will be also great if we can try the CESA code since the option seems here (CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_MARVELL_CESA) , so we can test it :) I paste below the results of my simple tests.