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  1. berbec

    Luma.OLED on NanoPi Duo with SPI?

    Yeah i've got the i2c display working. My BPZ doesn't seem to like me. I'm trying another i2c display and may just be happy with that. @sgjava Thanks for that link! I'll give it a go once I have a free microsd card. I need to load up next microcenter run
  2. berbec

    Luma.OLED on NanoPi Duo with SPI?

    sgjava, I saw your post here and on the I2C display. Could you provide a write-up for this true n00b about getting it work with SPI? I think I have the same display module you do. (yes that's the i2c version in the background) I'm trying to get a PaPiRus Zero to work with a non-raspberry device. The Banana Pi M2Zero seems perfect, but.... well... Sinovoip software and support. What can you do?
  3. berbec

    [Mini review] ROCK64 SATA cable

    As of today, you can order this by itself: Pine64 Shop It really seems like a great deal! Thanks for the in-depth review. I've paid more for devices that don't support UASP or external power for 3.5" drives. I believe I will pick one up for my go-bag.
  4. One small thing to remember about the rc.local script: It *must* exit successfully. So the last line, as in the above script exit 0 must be present and the last line. I just wanted to make sure one didn't remove it - it can be a gotcha!