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  1. Yeah i've got the i2c display working. My BPZ doesn't seem to like me. I'm trying another i2c display and may just be happy with that. @sgjava Thanks for that link! I'll give it a go once I have a free microsd card. I need to load up next microcenter run
  2. sgjava, I saw your post here and on the I2C display. Could you provide a write-up for this true n00b about getting it work with SPI? I think I have the same display module you do. (yes that's the i2c version in the background) I'm trying to get a PaPiRus Zero to work with a non-raspberry device. The Banana Pi M2Zero seems perfect, but.... well... Sinovoip software and support. What can you do?
  3. As of today, you can order this by itself: Pine64 Shop It really seems like a great deal! Thanks for the in-depth review. I've paid more for devices that don't support UASP or external power for 3.5" drives. I believe I will pick one up for my go-bag.
  4. One small thing to remember about the rc.local script: It *must* exit successfully. So the last line, as in the above script exit 0 must be present and the last line. I just wanted to make sure one didn't remove it - it can be a gotcha!
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