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  1. @TonyMac32So I think you want a change log for kernel? We have no experience for it now, is there good reference from other vendor's BSP, and I will try what I can do.
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    NanoPC T4

    I'm Kever Yang from Rockchip BSP team, and I'm in charge of open source for Rockchip SoCs, you should able to see my patches to upstream U-Boot and kernel. Thanks very much to @tkaiser for share this thread to me, and I hope I can do some explanation here so that help developers understand what we are doing. The github( is owned by Rockchip, and repos on github consider to be a 'Linux SDK' of some of Rockchip SoCs(mainly for RK3328, RK3288, RK3399 now), we have a wiki to provide basic document for it(, the github is now maintained by one of our product team. We hope this github can be a good reference to developers who interested in Rockchip platform. I have to declare that Rockchip never try to stop community developers to report issue to Rockchip by github or by mail, but it's not correct to close issues without any comments, I'm sorry about what we have done and I promise it would never happen again. For some issues, we may not able to fix it, but people should get a saying if we have to close it. Rockchip always open to community, and, yes, we hope to get advice about github maintain. Here is the information about Rockchip source code: - Rockchip have only one common BSP maintained by BSP team, including U-Boot, kernel, rkbin(ddr, miniloader, trust), this is used in all Rockchip products and for many SoCs, so it including 4.4 base/LTS patches, upstream backport for some modules, vendor/rockchip solution for some modules because the requirement for production; - Rockchip product team will test for product SDK release, but usually only for one SoC per SDK, and it will fix at that point before next version SDK. - Rockchip kernel is now 4.4, and will update to next LTS; We try to use upstream source code as much as possible for all the modules, you can find this out by compare to our last version kernel 3.10, but still way to go. - Rockchip kernel is used for Android and Linux OS; - Github source code is a special 'Linux SDK', not like other 'fixed after release for one SoC' SDK, it keeps update and used for more than one SoCs, you can consider it to be a mirror of Rockchip internal BSP * that's why we not able to merge the pull request, we have to review all the source code internally; * the github release branch is not maintained directly by BSP team, so it may not have maintained good enough now, I will sync with the maintainer, we will have better test, and better release flow; - Rockchip don't have official community version BSP which only have everything from upstream, and won't going to have one in near future; - Issue report(feature defeat, performance and etc) are always welcome, we want provide a better common kernel. We will fix issues really need to fix, people don't want to get a kernel always have the same issue. - We focus on evb first for new SoCs, and some popular board will add later; this may be one of the conflict with the what community wants. About the common kernel for community, here is my suggestion: - Community can chose one kernel version fork from Rockchip as common kernel, now the kernel4.4 already has good support for RK3288/RK3399/RK3328; - Developing, apply patches for new board support, switch some of module to upstream driver, and so on; - Upstream the new board support or feature support as much as you can, then rockchip kernel can support it when update to new kernel; - If some feature/performance issue need to fix recently, community people can contact Rockchip/me, we will try to fix it if we can; - maybe a mailing list is needed for better communication?