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  1. last commit 4 months ago. Doesn't look very active development to me. Well thanks anyway
  2. so, i have tested the dev image. With the armbian_dev image been flashed on an sd card I can boot into it. But there's no /dev/mmcblk2 device visible which is the emmc. So I boot into solidrun image flashed the armbian_dev image onto /dev/mmcblk2 and rebooted. Here's the output: it is still looks for an sd card.
  3. ah you mean a complete image. I thought it just a u-boot. Ok, I'll test
  4. right, but I can't boot neither from emmc nor from an SD Card
  5. So I downloaded Armbian Stretch image here and dd it onto an SD Card. As it didn't produce any output during boot after 'uncompressing kernel' I had to add 'console=both' into the armbianEnv.txt. After that I could see that I land into (initramfs). It looked like it couldn't see the rootfs for some reason. So additionally I've changed rootdev to 'rootdev=/dev/mmcblk0p1' in the armbianEnv.txt. Still the same problem here is the full boot log What am I doing wrong? 2. Provided that t