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  1. Ok, so "Bullseye" is the latest stable server version? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I am looking for the latest Banana Pi M1 server image but I only see the XFCE desktop version. Witch image should I use?
  3. Ok, thanks. I did not realize I was on stretch I did this: sudo sed -i 's|stretch|buster|g' /etc/apt/sources.list sudo sed -i 's|stretch|buster|g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list sudo sed -i 's|stretch|buster|g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade then rebooted and run the update again. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade sudo apt autoremove sudo apt autoclean Seems to work!
  4. Is there a repository change? Or is it down? Err:10 https://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/apt stretch Release 404 Not Found Reading package lists... Done E: The repository 'http://apt.armbian.com stretch Release' does no longer have a Release file.
  5. That is neat! Shell in a box, have to look into that. For anyone with the same problem I had, here is a htoprc to start with: # Beware! This file is rewritten by htop when settings are changed in the interface. # The parser is also very primitive, and not human-friendly. fields=0 48 17 18 38 39 40 2 46 47 49 1 sort_key=46 sort_direction=1 hide_threads=0 hide_kernel_threads=0 hide_userland_threads=0 shadow_other_users=0 show_thread_names=0 show_program_path=1 highlight_base_name=1 highlight_megabytes=1 highlight_threads=1 tree_view=0 header_margin=1 detailed_cpu_time=0 cpu_count_from_zero=0 update_process_names=0 account_guest_in_cpu_meter=0 color_scheme=0 delay=15 left_meters=AllCPUs Swap CPU Memory left_meter_modes=1 1 1 1 right_meters=Hostname Tasks LoadAverage Uptime right_meter_modes=2 2 2 2 # SBC hardware and Kernel specific path. # Editable manually. BoardName= CpuFreq_handler= CpuTemp_handler= CpuVCore_l_handler= CpuVCore_b_handler= GpuVCore_handler= GpuTemp_handler= # Wlan / Eth alias eth0_alias= eth1_alias= wlan0_alias= wlan1_alias=
  6. Thanks, removning it does not help. However, creating a new one works. But htop seems not to save any changes. But no crash. Could you post the armbian default or whatever you have? Thanks
  7. Ok, thanks. So it seems like the bars and meters work. The problem is saving the settings. I am doing it both as user and with sudo. F10 "Done" results in invalid pointer. Thanks
  8. I noticed that hop lost its cpu bars. I tried to add them but ger error: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  9. OK, so just change apt sources list (+ the armbian sources?). No need to uninstall anything? Jessie to stretch suggested uninstalling armbian related packages. Thanks Added: I also changed all stretch to buster with "nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list" Now: Welcome to Debian Buster with Armbian Linux 5.1.0-sunxi New addition: I am not getting the update I expect. ffmpeg still 3... uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Now 4... But what packages do I need to reinstall?
  10. Hi, Is there any instruction available for upgrading a orange pi+ 2e from stretch to buster? I have found Jessie to stretch instructions. Can I use them? Change .list files stretch to buster? Do I need to uninstall any packages? What packages in that case? Thanks
  11. Hi, could you indicate a step by step procedure for installing this kernel? I would love to try it!
  12. That´s great! Is the thermal sensors working? I noticed that installing the nightly builds, I lost hdd temp. Do you have a hdd and do you see the temperature?
  13. Yes, thanks! Did I just mess up or are there no uninstallable headers for the stable version?
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