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  1. Shure. Restoring the last backup to a new sdcard did the job.
  2. Well that wired after uninstalling "avahi" the path '/sys/class/leds/imx6:red:front' is back again. I've no clue why. As far as I know avahi is not releted to the missing path. If anyone has an explanation, please post it. Best wishes Paul
  3. Until now, the path '/sys/class/leds/imx6:red:front' was used to control the LED on Cubox. Since the last update the path no longer exists. Anything I can do?
  4. Hi, coming from "ARMBIAN 5.73 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.20-cubox" after performing apt udate apt upgrade my cubox won't boot anymore. I've no idea how to recover from this. The output from boot is in the attached picture. What can I do?
  5. That's strange. On my Cubox the profiles are stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections Best wishes Paul
  6. Hi, I've seen the same behavior on my cubox. You may try this (a really ugly workaround): 1.) create with nmtui a config ( e.g. MyNetCfg) 2.) add this line to your crontab: @reboot /bin/sleep 60 && /usr/bin/nmcli connection up MyNetCfg A litte bit better would be a one-shot service wich starts after network.target. If anyone has a better solution: Please post it! Best wishes Paul Baumann
  7. Hard to say. I'm running only Pihole and a mysql database on my CuBox. Bionic, CuBox, mysql and PiHole are running well. Can't tell if you will have issues running another config. Since some initial issues were carried out Bionic and CuBox works well.
  8. Thanks for fast response and for clarifying this. For my use case it will be the best to stay with xenial. --- Update After some research I figured out what to do: sudo apt install xrdp sudo apt install xorgxrdp echo "env -u SESSION_MANAGER -u DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS xfce4-session"> ~/.xsession After this xrdp runs as expected on bionic. If you're not forced to use xrdp, you might also consider to use x2go. Best wishes Paul
  9. Hi, I installed xrdp with armbian-config. Now I'm able to login with rdp client, but I'm directed to an empty desktop. No bars/menue or similar, just empty no chance of doing something useful. What's wrong? Best wishes Paul