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  1. Cool, I hadn't thought to check that because I assumed, perhaps foolishly, that being a new SoC it would need a "special" kernel if it supported plain old linux. My bad. What's a better place for information on Rockchip SoCs? Thanks!
  2. Recently, a new SBC, the Rock Pi S by Radxa, was launched. Here's it's wiki page: It's a 4 core A35 design. I'm debating getting one, but I can't find any information anywhere as to whether or not it's supported on Linux, or Armbian. Of course, if it's not listed in the download section it's not supported, but there's a difference between, "I need to add 100 lines of code and it will work." to "Geez, I need to redesign most of the Linux kernel after pulling my hair out." I did search the sunxi wiki and the local armbian wiki without success. Anyone know anything? Thanks!
  3. @codnoscope You need to place more load on it then that. You should get all the USB ports loaded down. A HDD is good (unless it is externally powered), I'd hook a cd/dvd drive to the USB 2.0 ports. The USB C you could charge a phone or something on it using an adapter cable. Then you cat the HDD into /dev/null, write a cd/dvd from a file on the internet which you live download, play an audio file from the speakers, and load the processor down with stress-ng. Watch the processor's speed the whole time and verify the burn. I know that that seems outrageous for a running system, but I and probably you too would be using the MIPI-CSI and eDP interfaces, audio jack, M.2 slot, internet (WIFI or Ethernet), USB ports for the keyboard and mouse, and processor at the same time for a video conferencing call. That is just one example of a real world use case. @tkaiser Thanks for the M.2 info, I would not have guessed! You saved me a lot of wasted money! BTW: Did you intend for your pic look like you're dead on your feet? @hjc Really good to know! I can't think of a reason not to use the emmc though...
  4. I was writing from memory. Let me read the exact details of the board. Docs can be found here: I was referring to the power delivery schematic in "Firefly-RK3399_V10_SCH_(2017-2-8).pdf" on page 4. The 12v 2A power supply is connected to several bucks (fet type), and a Mosfet. A SY8113B capable of putting out 9W total, 3V at 3A with 1W power dissipation to the M.2 slot. I have read (sorry, I don't remember where) that the M.2 slot is rated at 10W. 9W - 10W = -1W. A 12v fan switch at 3.6A. I do not think I have a schematic for it. The fans resistance is 132K ohms, which is too high to make sense (I don't know what to do with the third pin). So, I'm not going to do the math to find the amperage that way. A MP1495 capable of 3A at 3V for an M.2 4G module, which I'm not planning on using currently. A TPS563200 buck outputting 5v at 3A with ~1.5W power dissipation to everything but the above. Total of 15W. The TPS563200 is the most worrying. I have no idea how much power the MIPI-CSI interfaces (2x), processor, DDR3 RAM, and EDP interface uses. I have tried to find this information out without success. All the above I plan on using, plus the USB ports. The USB 3.0 interface, as per the specs should output 9A at 5V for 4.5W, the USB C is the same and the USB 2.0 interfaces should output 0.5 amps at 5V each for a total of 5W. Add that together for a total of 14W. That leaves 1W for all the aforementioned peripherals, the processor, and RAM. I bought a 1080p screen for this SBC, 1W will not fill the power budget! And did I mention that I might connect the SBC to a projector someday which will use the DP or HDMI interfaces for ever more power draw?! Now onto the board's input supply which as you might recall from above is 24W. 10W for the SY8113B. I'll assume 6W for the fan. 16.5W for the TPS563200. Add that up and you get 32.5W, too much for the 24W power supply, and that is without the M.2 4G module (another 9.5W). That sums up my concerns. I might be able to do something with the 3V battery terminal (it is for discharging only), . I really want some advice before trying anything. I am not an expert at electricity yet, and the board does cost $300 USD. Thanks!
  5. @TonyMac32 I have bought a Firefly-RK3399 from firefly ( ). I did not realize it at the time of purchase, but the Mosfets are unable to provide sufficient power for the board plus the USB ports, EDP connector, MIPI-CSI interface, M.2 slot, etc. I really love the IO of the board and want to try to find a way to get it to work (plus I don't have the money to go trying out more boards ). Would your idea help such a board? Thanks!