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  1. Hi @Igor and @Werner, I updated the post a bit to clarify it more. Thanks for the notes. Regards, gamiee
  2. On some devices (mostly headless) like Pine A64 LTS and other SBCs with Allwinner SoCs is Lima blacklisted by default or not supported by distribution. For getting Lima work, you need to use distribution, which have already Mesa with Lima support (Mesa 20.1+) (or compile latest Mesa from sources, but this is not included in this tutorial). At the moment of writing, it's Ubuntu Focal and Debian Bullseye. I personally prefer Debian more, so in my case, download Debian Bullseye image for your SBC and burn it into the board. After booting into your board, find file named /etc
  3. Sorry, I has been very busy those weeks, but I will try to look on it this christmas holidays. About the workaround, it's very strange why it PWM doing problems, I will check it.
  4. I was testing it yesterday, the OS don't hang, just LCD is disabled for some strange reason. The OS works fine on HDMI display, so I think the patches mess up something about LCD. Today I didn't had much time, so hopefully those days I will find out where is problem. - gamiee
  5. I will try to figure out why it doesn't boot (at least provide dmesg). Yeah, smaeul is working on suspend (since it's highly related to his Crust ARISC Firmware), probably it will be in 4.20.
  6. Hi, Great job Igor. I have working Bluetooth and Audio, it works pretty good (shown on video lower) (Note that this my build uses Anarsoul's kernel with no patches (Only some I kept)). I will make Pull Requests for Bluetooth and Audio support for A64, probably this weekend (Should work also on Teres). Also please, it's possible to add support for test "bleeding edge" images (like this one)?
  7. Hi! I already successfully get mainline Armbian working on Pinebook (no sound - working on fix, and also suspend took much time to wake up), but, I don't like the way how I made it. Github repo: I set the branch to "next", I set kernel repository to anarsoul's kernel (contains latest patches for A64 and also for Pinebook & Sopine devices) and deleted all patches from sunxi-next (all that patches has been for 4.14), I just kept and add some of patches. But this is probably terrible idea. @Igor or
  8. Hi, I would like to see Armbian on Pine64, SOPine and Pinebook too. It would be really great! I did some builds of Debian for SOPine with anarsoul's mainline kernel and u-boot, stability is good and there is many working interfaces. If you need, I can test Armbian builds on SOPine and also Pinebook (1080p), and also help generally with adding support for Armbian.
  9. Hello, I want to ask, which Bluetooth driver is used in mainline kernel for AP6210. I know for WiFi is used brcmfmac. Thank you.