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  1. Ok, it should be possible if you hack the appropriate shellscript, see: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/948/commits/cfc3bd3c5012829a4ac201f84fb7ab987ae24e98#diff-cc2879263e4a73e37cf60f2fa6b3fb64R508
  2. It isn't documented anywhere, where to put the public key file for dropbear before compiling the image with the enabled cryptroot parameter. Does anybody know where the key should be placed and in which format?
  3. hey there, I'm using an odroid xu4 with the cloudshell 2 with 2 drives in RAID1 and Armbian with Debian 9 Stretch as my OS, built via Vagrant 2 weeks ago. The /boot partition sits on a sd-card, the OS on the harddrive. I''ve copied both via dd on both devices(boot an card, rootfs on harddrive), and after the first boot it worked flawlessly, because the boot information uses the UUID, not the /dev path. After the first boot and configuration of another user and so on, I rebooted the system to let it resize the rootfs to extend it to 2TB, which is the size of the harddrive. But after this, it seems that cryptroot cannot decrypt the rootfs anymore and gives the message above. If I just use the sd-card it's working as intended, but with much less spacce (32 GB instead of 2TB) and much less speed, so this is not an option. What can I do, to analyze this error?
  4. Just for the curios: here's the ticket https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1069
  5. Ok thank you - I'll give it a try if the ticket on github is closed by you.
  6. Thank you and sorry for my late answer. Maybe I misunderstand something, because I can't get it to work... I copied the kernelconfig from ~/armbian/config/kernel and added at the beginning of the file the four optional parameters unchanged to test if the compilation process is actually using the config. The path to the config is ~/armbian/userpatches/linux-odroidxu4-dev.config which is pretty much the same as written in the documentation -> userpatches/linux-$KERNELFAMILY-$KERNELBRANCH.config but I cannot see at the beginning of the build process that it's using my manually edited config. What should be the actual content of the config file? Only those optional parameters or the whole config as written in the conf directory plus the optional parameters? And where can I see (if not at the beginning of the build process) which config has been used by the compilation process?
  7. hey there, compilation noob here. I want to build my own image via vagrant and set it up already, because Armbian is the only OS* which provides an integrated option for an encrypted rootfs (preferrably on another drive than the sd-card, because of performance) without manually fiddling around. See: https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/947 My plan is to build it with the optional config, as written in post 2 of the link above: CRYPTROOT_ENABLE=yes CRYPTROOT_PASSPHRASE="MYSECRECTPASS" CRYPTROOT_SSH_UNLOCK=yes CRYPTROOT_SSH_PORT=2222 But I don't know where to put the optional build options and it's not clear to me where to look that up. I would be very thankful if someone give me a hint where to look - the documentation is not really "noobfriendly" or I'm not looking hard enough, maybe both ;) thank you in advance for any help. *) there may be other ones, but until now I couldn't find any