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  1. *Blush* I'll see what I can do to help. Maybe a week before I can.
  2. OK. That is awesome!! One problem, I can't find KERNELBRANCH documented :-(
  3. ITNavigate


  4. The only places I am *aware* that I had changed files were: build/config/kernel/linux-sunxi-next.config (and then reverted) build/patches/sunxi* (renamed to & from .disabled) build/userpatches/ cache/sources/linux-mainline/ I'm not saying that these are definitely the only files that I changed, only the ones that I can remember. colin@ArmbianDev:~/Armbian/build$ git status didn't flag anything either. However, all that aside, checking out an entire new build env from your github repo fixed all the errors for my basic build. ./ BOARD=nanopiair BRANCH=
  5. Yep, Read that and tried LIB_TAG="sunxi-4.14" but that stilled wanted to use 4.17. I have since renamed my build directory, and started from scratch cloning your build environment again, and that seems to be working. Obviously, my local directory got corrupted. I'll let you know how the build goes.
  6. Officially, how do I convince my build environment that I still want to use 4.14? When I just ./ BOARD=nanopiair BRANCH=next it defaults to 4.17 What I have come up with is: git checkout sunxi-4.14 && touch .ignore_changes This results in a lot of patches failing What is the correct way please?
  7. So I found the answers to my questions: My experience says that only step 2 is required. Where did I go wrong?? I didn't read @arre's wonderful blog ( properly. He clearly states in his earlier post in this thread : In the blog post he details how he resolved these issues. Setting the scaling governor to userspace, and specifying the freq and speed resolved my issues. I still need to investigate how to remove the operation points from the device tree,
  8. So I am a NOOB to RT, and it has been a few years since I compiled a kernel I am trying to compile PREEMPT RT for NanoPi NEO 2 (H5) or NanoPi NEO AIR (H3). Do I need to (1) rename 30-real-time143-full-plus-rt-fixes.patch.disabled AND (2) extract patches-4.14.52-rt34.tar.gz into userpatches ? Using just option (1) I don't get a modified kernel .config file, so cannot select Fully Preemptive. I have modified config-default.conf. KERNEL_ONLY, KERNEL_CONFIGURE and KERNEL_KEEP_CONFIG are all "yes" config-default.conf: # Read b