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  1. Hi, I've tested Forsa Desktop with Amlogic P281. It won't load Desktop environment. On 5.8 RC2 it was working. When can we expect h265/hevc hardware video decoding?
  2. Hi there. P281's vendor u-boot can recognize correct MAC address. Is there a way to pass that information to Kernel 5.x ?
  3. Hi, It looks like Kernel 5.7 will get HW acceleration. Can you make image with 5.7 RC1?
  4. I have also tried bionic, buster from 20200227 build. Still no luck. Mine is 1g/8g btw.
  5. One of earlier build was detecting and I was able to install to emmc. Sadly I don't remember which.
  6. Hi, I installed on X96 Mini (P281). when I try to install to internal it says "UNABLE TO FIND EMMC" and lsblk shows only thumb drive and zram[0,1]. Why my emmc doesn't show? I've used Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Arm-64_focal_current_5.5.1_20200227
  7. Hello everybody, Does anyone has Ubuntu server image with Kernel 3.14?
  8. Is there a version that support HW decoding on s905x device?
  9. Will do that. Aside from that, Are we eventually be able to flash directly to emmc by Amlogic burning tool?
  10. Hello @balbes150, I have tried your latest 5.76 with Mali support. H264 video streams are decoded by HW, however, H265 streams are decoded by SW. I have used following command without any parameter. mpv [Video-URL]. In case of H265, do I need to explicitly state HW decoder? Also I have tried building one myself using your script but I can't find where select Mali driver options. Thanks in advance.
  11. It's definitely decoding by CPU. When I play h264 video cpu usage goes up to 80% and video is dropping lot of frames. H265 files decoding roughly 1 frames per second . Also what's main difference between Kernel 3.14 and 4.x for Amlogic devices?
  12. Thanks. I've reinstalled image and able boot into Desktop. How can I hardware video decoder work?
  13. Finally made it. I was just copying file. I was supposed to flash to SD card. Now I am able boot into terminal and login. However, seems like desktop GUI part is not working correctly. First it shows following text then freezes to . This is x96 Mini with s905w.
  14. It says aml_update.zip file. However, downloaded file is ....img.xz. Do I select .xz file?
  15. Hello, How did you install. I have downloaded Armbian_5.55_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.18.0-rc5_desktop_20180814.img.xz. Then extracted with 7-zip. When I try to load img file I get following error.
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