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  1. you buy the equipment with your money, could we donate to you ?
  2. @hexdump Thank's a lot , if you need help ...
  3. Hello, Could we help you with same donate process ?
  4. Hello, Some news of my device : i think it's hardware trouble , i compare 2 device and the sdard reader is not the same ID , i think the boot can't work so i try a physical change ...
  5. with my H96MAX H2 (not +) with the serial console (of course i try to hit "ENTER" at the begininng of the boot without succes ) , i have a login when Android is started : rk3328_box:/ and i can go in root mode : rk3328_box:/ $ su rk3328_box:/ # i have a look on the /mnt/ directory and i see the sdcar or the USB key Can i change something to boot after in the sdcard ? Other way is to write armbian in the eMMC in loader mode or in MaskRom mode But i dont understand the solution to make it, if someone can help ...
  6. For information , with the device H96MAX H2 (not +), it don't want to start from SDcard (or usb) i flash an another android image with an another boot release (2.44 -> 2.49 ) its the same ... ( i put the serial boot log ) rk3328_4.txt
  7. Hello, Just for information , the boot log of on RK3328 (H96 MAX h2 ) who can't boot on sdcard. rk3328_1.txt
  8. i buy this box 64 € : https://urlz.fr/b0qA Model ON-DMI-16D Chipset Hi3516D Works perfectly from ONE hdmi source , perfect with my box tv !
  9. Of course nobody speak of this hardware version ( V1.3 ) and the uart TTL pinout is not easy to find ... I think it's the 3 point , but very hard to sold The other solution is to flash emmc firectly with maskrom mode ...
  10. Thank's a lot ! but i think H96 Max+ (it have Android 8.1 PCB:8D4 ) and H96 MAX (it have Android 7.1.2 PCB:D4 ) is not the same motherboard : H96 MAX PLUS = PCB is labelled as "RK3328_8D4_V1.1" other Firts Model have mxq_rk3328_D4_A ( i find some MX10,MXR Pro ... ) mxq_rk3328_D4_B V1.1 ( A5X MAX, ...) H96 MAX PCB is labelled : h1=mxq_rk3328_D4 v1.1 , h2=mxq_rk3328_D4 v1.2 or last version h3=mxq_rk3328_D4 v1.3 (my picture ) But i will try this dts quickly
  11. Hello this device : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/HummingBoard-i2-i-MX6-Dual-Lite-1GHz-64bit-1Gb-RAM/182913801267?hash=item2a96831c33:g:fW4AAOSwCcZaEuT2 i.MX6 Dual Lite 1GHz 3D GPU GC880 OpenGL ES1.1,2.0 64bit 1Gb RAM Standard micro USB connector 5V as a DC power HDMI CEC 1080p 10/100Mbps Ethernet Connector Powered 2xUSB 2.0 host ports MIPI 2 Lane CSI-2 26 pin header compatible with the Raspberry pi header Analog audio out (PWM based) Coax SPDIF out for digital audio LEDs 8 pin header for FlexCAN, system reset and 5V / GND pins micro SD interface (for OS image and user data) the transcode h264 HD to H264 low resolution could works ? (only one dual core and only 1gb )
  12. I find another user (armm ) have this trouble : ( https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8082-armbian-for-tv-box-rk3328/page/15/ ) "i have an MXR PRO 4gb 32gb emmc (gearbest link) and this box doesn't boot from SD (i tried all the tips given but no way), the solution to install armbian on this box is to write it directly to the emmc," It seems the same motherboard .. I don't find the UART serial port, could someone have find it ? in this case i can make the boot log to check the trouble ... The exact model is : H96 MAX H2 Colorful Edition and i think the Boot version: 2.44 i find the last firmware here : http://blog.geekbuying.com/2018/07/h96-max-h2-colorful-edition-4gb64gb-tv-box-firmware-update-20180620/ so i download it and i try to check the uboot inside the file ...
  13. In first escuse me ... I crash my old RK3328 and i buy a new used one in ebay. I receive it this day, and i test : Armbian_5.98_Rk3328-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.154_desktop_20191923.img.xz i try all the dtb (editing the /extlinux/extlinux.conf and change the line FDT ) without sucess I try LE img with same result. So i open this box ( H96 Max NOT H96 MAX + ) with android 7.1.2 with 4g Ram32 Flash The motherboard is : mxq_rk3328_d4 v1.3 20180306 BUT i see the memory chipset is K4B4G0446Q-HYK0 so its DRAM Chip DDR3L SDRAM 4Gbit so it's not DDR4. I don't connect serial cable to the motherboard now, but in your opinion ?
  14. if i understand this : https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Amlogic-H264-Decode-Almost https://lkml.org/lkml/2019/10/7/692 https://kodi.tv/article/devcon-2019-belgrade-part-iii we have this in the kernel 5.5 ... But now how it's made in LE ?
  15. just for information, in dmesg repeat when i made my test : [29560.295075] meson-dw-hdmi c883a000.hdmi-tx: channels=2 sample_width=16 sample_rate=44100 [29560.295134] meson_aiu_i2s_dma_hw_params: physical_width=16 buffer_bytes=17664 period_bytes=4352 [29582.217953] meson-aiu-i2s meson-aiu-i2s.4.auto: Failed to set sysclk to 0Hz and i think i have trouble with the sound ( horrible )
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