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    Asus Tinkerboard

    For what it's worth I think the RTL8723BS driver in TinkerOS still has issues. It does work well as far as being able to switch between connections using nmcli. I'm not having to reboot to get connected. However, after just sitting for some time; in the X windows env, I get a popup 'Authentication required' -- the password is filled in so I have to hit 'Connect' and then it's back online. If that is the only issue with that then I may be able to reconnect using a script I guess. I'm also wondering though; based on the answer above; could I or should fall back to an earlier version of Armbian so that I have the older kernel with the new driver? BTW; when I look at cat /sys/class/net/wlan0/operstate I get 'dormant' when it's down and I'm seeing the prompt for a password. (again, this is in TinkerOS) I coded into my application to check the status every few minutes and if it's and ethernet is also down it restarts network-manager service and that seems to work. After 3 tries if it's still down; it reboots the unit. (I would like for the network-restart to work - but most of the time it doesn't and the dropout is way more frequent.) I found an interesting thread here but did not really get anything useful from it.
  2. ecropolis

    Asus Tinkerboard

    Would it make sense to try and take driver files out of TinkerOS and replace? I think it's just the files here right? /lib/firmware/rtlwifi (just learning an finding my way around various issues as they come) If I did that - when things do get updated would they just be overwritten when doing apt-get upgrade && apt-get update Thanks for your attention to it. Good to know!
  3. ecropolis

    Asus Tinkerboard

    Wifi Instability Issues on Tinker Board RTL8723BS I got a fresh Tinker Board about 2 weeks ago and set it up with Armbian Next (4.4.23). I was able to connect to wifi with a single nmcli connect command and no problems. I've left it running mostly - I've done a lot of different installs but nothing outside of typical utilities and whatnot - the only networking software I have is the Hamachi client and I did also install Docker to experiement with. I wanted to test the ability to connect to a different Wi-fi network. This is where the problems start. I'm unable to connect to another SSID. On fail it doesn't re-connect to the previous one. I try to issue nmcli con up 'myssid' and that doesn't work. I try to restart networking and network-manager. I try to deactivate the adapter and re-activate. Nothing works other than a reboot. But now when I leave it and come back an hour later it is continually back down. At times I'm not even able to do 'nwcli dev wifi list ' and get any results and I should be seeing a half-dozen SSIDs out there; two of which are mine and 90%+ signal strength so it seems like even the radio is dead... but then oddly enough sometimes I'll rescan and get ONE weak signal hanging out. I have also checked rfkill throughout the process and I've never seen any issue there with adapters being disconnected. I also tried removing (nmcli delete) of all wifi entries and then doing fresh connection commands. No matter what I do, it's broken. The only attempt I really made towards a fix was that I found and here I ran the convert_firmware.c script and then replaced the .bin files in /lib/firmware/rtlwifi -- I got zero change in behavior other than some messages in syslog warning me that I was using a staging driver (I am not sure I did it right but it didn't seem to make anything worse off). Reboot, it's up. An hour later, or less, it's down and can't get the connection back up. I'll also add here that really the first thing I did out of the box was install the TinkerOS. I have to report that the Wifi kept dropping and since it has an Xterm I would get prompted for the wifi passkey. I didn't investigate much further on this; sometimes it would stay connected for a few minutes and then it might stay for an hour or two. I switched to Armbian - however I do still have that TinkerOS image on another SD card and I did double check that it's using the same driver. I just tried installing Armbian (4.14.52) again fresh to a fresh SD Card. I ran my installers which included Hamachi as well and again I have the same problems. (Although I'm not sure if I'll have the stability problems but for certain I have the issues of not being able to change connections or re-activate a connection that is down. Errors in syslog that stands out through all this: Association request to Driver failed Activation: failed for connection 'mywifissid' Activation: (wifi) Association took to long Failing Policy: disabling autoconnect for connection 'mywfissid' wlan: link is not ready Another is that sometimes I get SSID Not found but then doing a rescan / list it's clearly available. I'm worried - I was really loving this board for what I'm working on but this might be a deal breaker for me. Not sure if it's worth it to have to get USB Wifi on my devices in order to use these. They're going into headless, hard to reach places so I have to have a stable connection.