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  1. I use the officiel git build tool ... Easy options or upgrade possible to build with the kernel mainline 4.9 and not 4.17 for the orange pi zero ! txh you !
  2. famous board = sorry private information yes every pin of the orange pi on it, I disable the usb port by removing the 4 port physicaly with my power left hand. the software come from (gpio) usb port. thx you
  3. seriouly.... the orange pi zero have 4 GPIO PIN = USB.... usb or gpio same think for me it 4 pin... my research is private, no information about security is provided. it just look like the driver send by the controler board have malisious software.... I give you feedback after disable usb gpio port
  4. I anwser my proper question, I going to turn off usb port gpio, I give you reply
  5. ok psu not issue we allready know this part of think we work with orange pi lol bad sdcard ... yes we have more 10 sdcard with the same issue, i dont think so
  6. orange pi zero - usb 4 pin gpio - exploit buffer overlow inject file by usb gpio voila
  7. hi martinayotte, I remember you in the past, this is my new account but we have work 4 year on this forum in stratup of armbian. So in clear trust me when I insert the orange pi zero on a specify pcb , the pcb have arm chip on it. I just start the linux and everything is working well but the second we do apt-get update, the "dpkg configure " is broken. When I go the dpkg configure -a for fix the issue, who 6 new library forced to be installed
  8. Hello everybody, I have a orange pi zero h2 and when I connect the gpio on some pcb, sometime the pcb inject file inside the linux and create dpkg error. is it possible to enable something to protect the system. thx you