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  1. Trying to set frequencies and governor for both types of CPUs on this processor. armbian-config sets the max freq and governor correctly for the two big proccesors but no config for little. Tried cpufreq-set for little, but it does not respect governor. If its set to a freq is stays there indefinitely, and if conservative governor is set the max freq goes back to 1.5. How do we set max freq to 1.2 for little, and governor to conservative and have both stick like big does with armbian-config?
  2. They only expose one PCIE lane on that adapter, and it won't work with M.2 directly or run at Gen2. Might release our custom board, 2x lanes, Gen2 running stable ~1TB/s bandwidth.
  3. what environment does the latest raspberry pi OS use? It looks clean and modern, the stock desktop on armbiam looks a little dated
  4. Its a custom board we have made.
  5. Ok we just finished our 2x M.2 breakout board (uses both lanes exposed by the PCIE port on the orange pi 4). Is there a similar setting for link width? Its currently picking up a x4 Gen 3 M.2 drive with both link speed downgraded to gen 1 (as expected), and width downgraded to 1x. Should be 2x.
  6. What is the current pcie link speed set for stable Armbian 5.9.x release? I know stock kernels from orange pi have it set to Gen 1 speed. Need to test some Gen 2 hardware and see if it works.
  7. Was the PCIE port ever fixed on this? Has anyone tried a PCIE SSD on it?
  8. Looking for same thing...is there a FEX option to disable the GPU during boot?
  9. Hi I am referencing below from this closed thread: So currently I set up wifi through an initial ethernet connection, but the issue is when the wifi connection is successfully setup, that connection does not become active until ethernet is unplugged and board rebooted. Wifi is setup through nmcli...is there an option we are missing that is preventing both network interfaces from working simultaneously? currently just using "sudo nmcli dev wifi connect ssid password password"
  10. Ok so some further research it looks like the sunxi hardware watchdog IS installed and compiled directly into the kernel....I was looking for the sunxi_wtd.ko module and thought just the software watchdog was installed. That option only disables the Magic Close feature, so it has nothing to do with enabling the hardware watchdog. I need that feature anyway since there are instances where we disable the internal controller software and dont want the system to reboot in that case.
  11. Awesome thanks! Looks like this worked. Kernel loads: sunxi_wdt_probe: initialized (g_timeout=16s, g_nowayout=0) What does the nowayout option do? Even though I have it set to "1" in ArmbianEnv kernel still seems to load 0. There are also two watchdog file (/dev/watchdog and /dev/watchdog0) Im assuming one is for the software and the other for the hardware...anyone know which is which?
  12. FYI If anyone has some experience around this or knows how to enable this from mainline armbian build im more than willing to pay for someone's time.
  13. Thanks! Let me know if you find it. I dont see the .ko installed in the mainline system anywhere though so I still think the source needs to be compiled and installed into the kernel. I am also running kernel version 4.14 Armbian 5.60 (Ubuntu 16.04.4) if that matters.