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  1. finally got my q3 arena server up and running. one question : is wake on lan possible on armbian? at least in this configuration, being ran from an sdcard
  2. my bad man...the cable was deffective. switched the cable and now it works with no dtb whatsoever. bought an sdcard, but somehow it seems slower to run vs usb. to be fair I used a different image on the microsd vs the on the usb(both kernel 3.14 , because couldn't get 4.18 to boot on none of the media)
  3. bought an microsdcard but the result is the same: kernel 4.18 image doesn't boot on my s912.
  4. then again not even ethernet works. keeps trying to connect forever. tried static ip , everything....no go
  5. any ideea how to get wifi working? it doesn't by default
  6. You were right, with 3.14 kernel image I was able to boot .thanks Am I missing something being stuck for the momment to 3.14 kernel?
  7. isn't flashing aml_autoscript.zip mandatory? this is where my problem starts... My box has a custom rom that comes with TWRP and it says invalid zip file format when I try to flash it
  8. forgot to add that I'm on a custom rom that has TWRP and I'm unable to flash aml_autoscript.zip - says invalid zip file format
  9. been trying for days to get this running on my Mecool M8S Pro L (s912 3G/32GB). Best I got was a black screen after the bootlogo. tried renaming vaious dtb files from dtb folder and placing them to the roout of the USB stick, but no go. used Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_4.16.1_xfce_20180515.img any ideea what I am doing wrong? thanks in advance