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  1. Hi, I build a new Image, q88_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig is not booting but q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig is working on my YUNTAB. The compressed Image is around 250MB, without Desktop. Do you have a storage where I can put the image file? You only have to add the file pwm.conf to /etc/modprobe.d/ br pwm.conf
  2. Important is the correct defconfig for the tablet, you have to test some of them. The only thing I changed was the BOOTCONFIG line and add the g_serial to the modules for OTG USB (and wifi modules) check if there is a newer or different version in u-boot armbian/cache/sources/u-boot/v2018.XX/configs$ ls -1 *[Aa]33* A33-OLinuXino_defconfig q88_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig q8_a33_tablet_800x480_defconfig Sinlinx_SinA33_defconfig
  3. Hi, sorry for the late response, do you blacklisted the pwm module? Otherwise the screen will go black. "echo blacklist pwm_bl>/etc/modprobe.d/pwm.conf" Do you have some last messages before the kernel stuck? At the moment I have no time to build a clean Image, sorry. I hope next week. br
  4. Tablets like this, I bought it at ebay with broken Touch for testing, also a broken 10,1" Tablet, this was also working for testing, and an A88S from alldaymall. Wifi is also working, but this can change from tablet to tablet. Yuntab Q88H - 7 Zoll Tablet PC,Android 4.4, Quad Core, HD 1024x600, Dual-Kamera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 8GB
  5. Hi Markbirss, I checked it again with current build and it's working with module "g_serial" add to boards/lime-a33.conf config/boards/a33-q8-tablet2.conf # A33 quad core 1Gb SoC BOARD_NAME="q8 A33" BOARDFAMILY="sun8i" # depending of board and resolution use a defconfig file from sources/u-boot/v2018.05/configs BOOTCONFIG="q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig" #MODULES="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp" MODULES="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp g_serial gslx680 gc0312 gc2145 rtl8150" MODULES_NEXT="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcom
  6. UPDATE: Today I build it again and now it's working, I think someone has change something. Thank you :-) OLD: I created an new board, based on the lime-a33.conf with BOOTCONFIG="q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig" and build a Debian Stretch Image with mainline Kernel 4.13 / 4.14. The SD Card is booting with a nice screen output but only to Kernel Boot, then the screen freezes. The Serial connection is only in the SD Adapter and I cant use it if I'm booting from it, or is there a possibility ?? I was checking and this Image is booting the
  7. Hi, I also created a Image with the current armbian git builder and it's working, eth0 is working, wlan is not important at the moment. Great work, thank you.
  8. Hi sukamine, I'm using Ethernet, so I don't need Wifi, sorry, but if I have time I will check it. br tpc010
  9. Hello Jefken3, you have to open the Box and search for the Nand or EMMC Flash, then figure out which pins you have to shorten to recover over USB OTG, the Mini M8S has also only full size USB, one of them has OTG. See this for more informations br Tpc01
  10. Ok sorry, it was to late :-) nographics 1 user@odroidc2:~$ free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1976 174 1801 6 9 78 -/+ buffers/cache: 86 1889 Swap: 127 0 127 nographics 0 user@odroidc2:~$ free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1782 317 1464 6 14 97 -/+ buffers/cache: 206 1576 Swap: 127 0 127
  11. Youre welcome, with screenoutput it needs around 330MB Memory after boot and without screen around 150MB after boot, you have to rebuild the autoscript file, don't change it directly in the compiled file. I don't know about Ubuntu on this system, but I think you can test it, now you have all informations to do it.
  12. Hi, here is a short howto to boot Armbian on Mini M8S from SD Card. You have to change the u-boot environment to check the SD-Card and then start a autoscript script. To boot the Armbian image you have to change some files from Armbian, change all mmcblk0 to mmcblk1 in file /etc/fstab /etc/init.d/firstrun /etc/init.d/resize2fs You need the file boot-s905.txt and have to convert it to autoscript, the Mini M8S u-boot can't work with Armbians u-boot boot.ini. setenv cec "cecf" setenv mesontimer "0" setenv nographics "0" setenv condev "console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 consoleblank=0" sete
  13. I have good news, it's working with a auto-script script, so I will finish the last environment lines for autoboot with a Armbian SD card and will post all needed information. FYI: You have to change the resolution in Android and this will set the environment, which will used from Armbian auto-script.
  14. Yes I know, but I will insert the Tip with the startup-script, then it will work easier for all. I will only show the UART part.