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  1. It's an other file? I think that was the same file that aml_autoscript. Where I found aml_update?
  2. I have download the armbian file and I have install it on my SD card with win32disk after I have take the dtb file for mxq pro and renamed it in dtb.img. I reboot the box in recovery but she don't boot on Linux. I select update from ext and I see aml-autoscript.zip but doesn't work and i've got error E:cannot load volum /misc Tanks
  3. When I try I've got an error E: cannot load volum /misc When I have tried I've got already write on my SD with win 32 disk imager. I have to format and just install aml-autoscript?
  4. Hi. Can we install debian on a TV box with Coolio V2. 5 ? My box don't boot on my SD card. MXQ PRO 4K Kernel 3.14.29 MICRO SD card Samsung 32go format in fat 32 with SD adaptater for the box I have put the dtb file 3.14.29 mxq pro but she don't boot on Linux. Thanks for help
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