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  1. Hello Heisath, Thanks a lot! I will be a beta tester Regards,
  2. Will be there a 5.4 LTS kernel for Helios4? Thanks in Advance, Best Regards, tux
  3. hello, I run 'armbianmonitor -u' http://ix.io/28AC I rebooted the OS and maybe apparently everything is nice..I thing, It just hanged some days ago around 5AM, maybe a peak on power grid or something.. Fancontrol has MINTEMP like this: root@helios4:~# grep MINTEMP /etc/fancontrol MINTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=60 /dev/fan-j17/pwm=70
  4. Hello, Sumething nasty hapenned this night on my Helios4, that left the OS crippled.. I have been analysing the logs, and I find no reason for that, what I know is that ssh server received a SIGHUP( maybe a peak in the network grid.. ). In this process I am analysing logs, and checking the system.. I have lots of entries in '/var/log/syslog' related with fancontrol.. root@helios4:~# tail -n 2 /var/log/syslog Jan 24 21:48:25 localhost fancontrol[906]: /usr/sbin/fancontrol: line 477: let: mint=*1000: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "*1000") Jan 24 2
  5. Hello, At least for the tests done with 2 other colleagues, Seems that Armbian kernel is missing a .config option.. 'CONFIG_SENSORS_PWM_FAN=y' Which is present in 'ayufan' kernels work.. ATS needs sysfs to communicate with the kernel driver, and is not there the pwm ctl: '/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1'
  6. I am starting to think in adding 1 more :)
  7. Hello Guys, Happy Helios4, for some time, user here.. Mine is running 3 disks, iddle ~7 watts, working - 20 watts( with very very brief peaks of 50 watts initially.. when disks are in APM 0, and jump to APM 127..). Does any one is running Helios4, with 4 disks in the raid setup? thanks in advance, regards
  8. Probably not a good suggestion.. It needs to be created has a 64bit Filesystem, from the beginning, I think.. If turned ON, in a 32 bits one, I think it will Damage the FileSystem..
  9. I haven't checked it, But the limitation has to do with, the tools for partitioning, since they are using default C types.. I think that somewere it time was released a flag to so this problem -O 64bit Check this See the content of: cat /etc/mke2fs.conf in ext4 is there a -O 64bit option, but I think it only works if filesystem was created with 64 bits, from the beginning.. So a resize2fs -b /dev/sdx -b Turns on the 64bit feature, resizes the group descriptors as necessary, and moves other metadata out of the way.
  10. Indeed, One other thing is yet to look if you are running NFS.. I had one problem with NFS , wen I mounted on the client, machine, just shutdown and start, the disks are always going down and start.. The disks power was cut abruptly when system went down every time.., and even with system up, they had that behaviour Solution until now... not mounting NFS, until I understand what is causing that problem( That was NOT happening in Helios4, but in another ARM based system.. ) To me, his problem its or related with one of: park/unpark heads aggressivel
  11. You welcome Ok I was in the opinion that maybe we could but, your point 2., is the answer I needed ;) thanks
  12. Humm, That sounds to me that your hdds are always parking/unparking heads like crazy...( which could limit its life cycle.. ) It could be a problem related with APM features.. Does you have OS in harddrives? Try to mesure the output of this command, in time(lets say within 15 minutes intervals), and see if load/unload increase a lot: for blockid in {a..c};do smartctl --attributes /dev/sd${blockid}|grep -E "^ 12|^193"; done Regards
  13. Hello, Adjust your fancontrol settings, I use this ones: root@helios4:~# cat /etc/fancontrol # Helios4 PWM Fan Control Configuration # Temp source : /dev/thermal-cpu INTERVAL=10 FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input MINTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=60 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=65 MAXTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=65 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=70 MINSTART=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=20 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=20 MINSTOP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=29 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=29 #MINPWM=0 Yes, the CPU Scheduler.. The Option I found is putting into /etc/rc.local # Force
  14. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Can we write several times to the flash( I mean, if you need later to update uboot.. ) One thing that I was also thinking would be to expand the RingBuffers of the network card, if its possibe.. Right now they are: Pre-set maximums: RX: 128 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 532 Current hardware settings: RX: 128 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 532 I don't know how to expand them, or if its possible. Thanks in Advance, for your time. Regards