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  1. On friday, I ended up erasing all flash and re-flashing the image I had working on another board to it. What is weird is that the Kernel and the DTB are the same, what's different is that I built a newer u-boot and created a kernel partition that is mountable so I could configure u-boot menu via extlinux.conf file. The board is stable since then so I think it might be something wrong either with u-boot or the partition scheme I use. Question, can u-boot influence the stability of the OS? I have no clue. Thanks!
  2. Same problem, I swapped the power supplies and still saw crashes. I will try to reflash it again and see if the reboots persist.
  3. Each board is powered with a separate power brick that supplies 12V-2A. I will replace with another brick to test this theory. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Sorry about the delay answering your message @littlema, I uploaded the Kernel files I tried and got crashes. I tried with latest sources and patches from Armbian too but same results. I only see these crashes while running ElasticSearch. This is the last crash I got with the Kernel 4.4.174 built from Armbian builder. I was running strace on the Java process: If anyone have a clue on how to proceed, please let me know.
  5. As I reported here (, I'm seeing frequent reboots and Kernel Panics on a RK3399 board while running ElasticSearch, a kinda heavy application that runs on Java. I currently run a Kubernetes cluster on two RK3399 boards (NanoPC-T4). One of them I has a version of DietPi with a Kernel 4.4.138 compiled by myself. and runs perfectly. The other had a newer version of a Kernel (4.4.154) also compiled by me and that's where I started seeing the reboots. After this, I installed Armbian thinking it might be something with my DietPi dis
  6. Hey guys, since I've recently got a couple of RK3399 boards (FriendlyARM NanoPC-T4, Firefly RK3399 and OrangePi RK3399), I'm trying to get the best option for my use cases that is server workloads in a Kubernetes cluster lab to test new technologies. There are a couple of articles on The Linux distributions the manufacturers create are usually bloated (with desktop software) and with missing Kernel options and modules so I've been in a crusade to build the kernels suited to these boards. The first thing I've found is that each board have