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  1. Nevermind ... I completely rebuild the image and now it works. Don't ask, I changed nothing ... Btw.: is there any way to create a new partition while building an image? I did not found any option for this ... -- Micha
  2. Checked, everything looks ok ... Just "burned" the image to sd and tried this ... device boots fine, everything looks ok. nand-sata-install works, too.
  3. Yes: dd if=/usr/src/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1024 seek=8 status=noxfer Don't wonder about the path, the image I try to install is newer than the image on the sdcard I'm running for install Unfortunately I don't have a serial console right now, so I can't see anything. I checked /boot after dd'ing and it seems that the files are corrupted there, they all only consists of "^@^@" ... :/
  4. Hi there, I did, and it worked. Well ... exactly one time. I tried to dd a new image some days later, but now the device refuses to boot. I removed the old partition at first, dd'ed the new image, cleared the bootloader, dd'ed the new u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin and tweaked the /boot/armbianEnv.txt ans /etc/fstab (as before). If you have any further hints ... -- Micha
  5. Hi all, first of all, I really like the dev-tools! I successfully developed my own Image (incl. patches etc.) and it's running great. But now I want to "burn" it to the Orange Pi's emmc directly, without using nand-sata-install ... it's necessary, because the target-image does not allow shell- and/or ssh-access (for purpose). So I flashed a "normal" armbian-image to my sd-card, copied my own image-file to the card, booted the card and wanted to 'dd' my image to /dev/mmcblk1. Everything went fine till now ... after rebooting w/o the sd-card plugged in, the loader hangs in a loop (Rebooting within 10 seconds) :/ I looked into the nand-sata-install-script and found nothing special in there, so I'm missing something? I even tried to flash the bootloader after flashing the image (as done in the nand-sata-install-script), without success, too. I don't have a serial console right now, so if someone maybe knows what to do ... I'm really stuck right now :/ -- Micha
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