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  1. Heloo.. I have some time past days, to try to work Bluetooth AP6212 adapter on my OPIZeroPlus H5 version ... but, no fun. Have ARMBIAN 5.73 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.38-sunxi64 and try Debian version also. Today I try to look on DTB files, some wiring diagrams etc ... read some posts on this forum, and try it step-by-step ... Now I have working BT on this version OPiZero2 H5 .. and make these modification to work it: Edit /etc/init.d/ap6212-bluetooth file: .. No overlay is needed in armbian.txt for uart1 .. ..so I just remove it ..
  2. Yes, you're right. I know it. But, I need to access ssh and it look's as a common systemd package problem "on Ubuntu's side"
  3. So .. I have the same problem .. after update. http://ix.io/1zim Fast fix to run sshd - edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config UsePrivilegeSeparation no Board / system is OpiZero H2+ ARMBIAN 5.70 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i
  4. Hello, Contact bounce is not problem. I have 1nF Cap on it ... Without cap is button like this unusable.
  5. Hello everybody. I'm little bit confused with this think. Which libraries are good (best) for H5 OPiZeroPlus board .? - WiringPI - ArmbianIO - GPIOzero or ..?? I have small script for timer switch, but it is not stably as well as I can. Button press is not accurate. (some pull-up/down are missing probably) Thanks for answer or suggestion. (PS: I'm not a programmer guru)
  6. ...I forgot... you must enable all these services.. systemctl enable bluetooth-bt-agent.service systemctl enable bluealsa.service systemctl enable bluealsa-aplay.service
  7. ..so another talking with myself .. Here is some scripts to automate pairing and playing, if you can use Opi as Bluetooth speaker. script for automated pairing ... we need to create PIN file list and run bluealsa & bluealsa-aplay as service on startup... ..and play some sounds..
  8. Hello ... I'm found another useful thread here: https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-bluez-alsa-a2dp-bluetooth-support-t6130.html Tested now on my OPIZeroPlus on H5 soc. But, it must be "configured" with right lib dir .. ../configure --enable-aac --enable-debug --enable-rfcomm --with-alsaplugindir=/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/alsa-lib
  9. Hello... and thanks for answer ... Yes, found "stock" driver from Allwinner, and some sources on github .. etc. All other "router distros" for OPI Zero still have 3.4.x kernel and works fine ... ..as Armbian Xenial.. I don't need any "better" or "faster" wifi on this small SoC.. ..it is no time critical service .. (sometimes I need wifi on my garage) It's a shame, the biggest part of support must community do itself, and producer just looking for it...
  10. Hello everybody... I will use this small "box" as Access Point (AP) Standard scenario, hostapd + dnsmasq, eth0 and wlan0 bridged to br0 Everything works fine, except one "client" .. Hostapd DEAUTHENTICATE my notebook. It has dual band interface - 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (rev 35) (Linux Mint inside) .. This was happen on all Armbian images with 4.14.y kernel ... .. On Armbian Xenial with 3.4.x kernel this was no happened.. Wifi connection works fine, for a long time ... Heve anybody same problem .. ?? or not ..? Here is log: